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Fans around the world are anticipating the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The question fans everywhere are asking is whether or not this remake of Batman will prove itself to be better than previous reincarnations.

With movies like the 1989 Batman and The Dark Knight to beat, it is rather questionable that Batman v Superman will not only live up to its predecessors, but beat them out at the same time. Sure, the added benefit of the Justice League may help, but is that enough to make it better than the previous films. Actor Morgan Freeman does not seem to think so.

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox in 'The Dark Knight'
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox in 'The Dark Knight'

In an interview with ET Online, Morgan Freeman - who played Lucius Fox in the Dark Knight trilogy had this to say when he was asked if he would see the upcoming reboot:

You know, I'm happy for Ben [Affleck], but I don't know how that's gonna work. Because the Dark Knight was almost 'it.' Pretty much 'it. Did you see Batman Begins? I don't think you can beat that.

Those are some pretty harsh words, but fair at the same time. There aren't many Batman fans out there that would argue that the Dark Knight trilogy, especially the first two, did not have 'it.'

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are both critically acclaimed films that seemed to do no wrong. Even the Academy seemed to love them - which is quite an accomplishment considering how rarely superhero films make it to the Oscars. Batman Begins was nominated for one Oscar, and The Dark Knight was nominated eight - two of which it won!

Morgan Freeman did certainly bring up a fair point when he brought up Batman Begins. He pointed out that nothing can beat it, which is a valid argument. In terms of origin stories, Batman Begins is practically unbeatable. The story and script is all well drawn out and it is arguably the only Batman movie to really take us on the caped crusader's journey to become the bat we know him as.

The Dark Knight is also practically unbeatable, being considered to be the best superhero film in existence. The feud between Joker and Batman is legendary, and actors Christian Bale and Heath Ledger really helped bring this feud to life. Ledger even won an Oscar for playing this popular villain.

Christian Bale, the actor for Batman during the Dark Knight Trilogy, had this to say about Morgan Freeman's negative words about Batman v Superman:

"Right on for Morgan for saying no one will ever beat that, I very much like him. Everyone brings their own element to [Batman] -- Ben will do that as well. I think the trailers are looking great and I'm looking forward to that."

Whereas Morgan Freeman has a skeptical view of Batman v Superman, Christian Bale himself seems much more optimistic about how good the sequel will be. As much as Freeman may be disinterested, Bale knows how good the movie will be and is not afraid to admit that it will be good, but in a new way.

The fact is, we won't know how good Batman v Superman will be until we actually see it. Christian Bale is convinced that it will be good, especially from the trailer, and I think that is really neat. Many times, previous actors of a character don't support their replacement, but Christian Bale seems to act differently.

I am hoping this movie will be great, but it is understandable to be a little skeptical that it will be as good as The Dark Knight. I really hope that this movie manages to prove Morgan Freeman wrong by having 'it.' We will just have to wait and see.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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