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Warner Brothers have been on a role lately. Things have been circulating. They've just released an amazing clip on Jimmy Kimmel Live and one with him, oddly in it. But now they've released this new image from Entertainment Weekly.

Here's the new image from Batman v Superman twitter. Batman has taken Superman down. Not before Superman had left his marks on him.

It's of the two heroes about to tussle. Maybe before Superman gives Batman that shove in the trailer. Either way, it's amazing. Warner Brother's have also released the image of the two heroes doing charity. Showcasing the non-violent side of things. They know how to cater to their crowd, young, middle and older. Seriously, who can choose whether to fly with Henry or drive with Ben? Why not both?

Rumors hit last night of Suicide Squad 2 going into production. I guess they're a true. At least that is what Variety has stated. Max Landis have been "working out" with Ayer lately.

This could have also led to Ayer and Smith teaming up to start early works on Suicide Squad 2. Maybe there's another starting after Bright takes off. Said to be released in 2017.

The first Suicide Squad hits. August 5th months after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice enters on March 25th.


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