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Got amazed by The Force Awakens? Have no money to spend to watch it for the 100th time on theaters, well, mate, go buy the bloody Blu Ray! But what features will it have? Deleted Scenes? Behind the Scenes? What, Greedo? What?

Well, your answers are answered right here, with this trailer for the April 1 and 5 release of The Force Awakens on DVD and Blu ray!

As you can see, it has some cool features like the making of the film, a table read, making of BB-8 and much more but the most exciting feature is the deleted scenes, baby! We got a glimpse of one of them with Kylo Ren jumping into the Falcon with what seems to be some Snowtroopers, and goddamn after seeing the film, this scene is made much more tragic.


Will You Buy The Force Awakens


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