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It's like the '90s is happening all over again! And I am more than happy with that, seeing as a new Power Rangers movie is set to hit theaters in 2017 along with a new cast of alien-battling teenagers.

Entertainment Weekly introduces us to the newcomers, with Becky G as Trini, Naomi Scott as Kimberly, RJ Cyler as Billy, Ludi Lin as Zack and Dacre Montgomery as Jason.

And guess who will portray villainous Rita Repulsa? The ever-talented Elizabeth Banks!

Director Dean Israelite had this to say about Banks's ability to bring the repulsiveness to Repulsa:

“It’s very exciting that we got [Banks], and I think what she loves is the opportunity to really embrace the insanity and deliciousness of Rita Repulsa in terms of how weird and wonderful that character was, and really dive into and consume that character.

“You should always be off-balance when you’re watching her. Is she insane? Is she totally calculated? Does she know what she’s doing? Elizabeth can toe that line really well.”

I am also waiting with bated breath to find out just what is going to be announced on the 24th of this month! Will we be granted a trailer? Perhaps some behind-the-scenes footage?

I guess I'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, it might just be time to dig around the garage and wipe the dust off my old Power Rangers action figures I've owned since I was like five years old.

[Source: EW]


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