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It's coming folks! [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) will be in theater's on May 5, 2016, just two months away. There has been a lot of news coming out about the movie, but I am going to shy away from any spoilers, in particular, those related to news reports from the screenings or some of the interviews coming out from the stars (Anthony Mackie, Mark Ruffolo et. al.), other than to say "people are loving this movie", for a variety of reasons. It may even be the first, superhero Academy Award material.

It's a WAR so, there's that. This movie will, likely, be the most violent film in the MCU to date. A quick note: Any speculation that I have made in this article is going to be taken specifically from the trailers and TV spots that have aired, and a lifetime of comic book "research", oh... yeah, and what has happened in the MCU so far.

The thing that's bugging me is:

Why is The Winter Soldier trying to KILL Iron Man?

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About a month ago in the Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl spot, there is a spectacular shot of Bucky (appearing to be in the same clothes we see in the Ant Man end credits), early in the movie catching a bullet directed to Tony Stark's head. Personally, I think , the gun was aimed at someone else. Buck may have been going through "assassin withdrawal" (that's a thing, right?) and needed to kill some more folks. This could be fallout from the Superhuman Regist... uh, I mean the Sokovia Accords recently put in place.

If you haven't seen the full spot...

...but maybe he IS trying to blow his head off?

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>>CONFIRMED: update 4/14/2016

On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, RDJ brought a clip that confirms that Bucky is trying to kill Tony!

Here it is:

There you have it, we resume our regularly scheduled post (that is now completely validated).

Thank you<<

Aaaaand, if you are not one of the 50 million or so views already, there's this, or better still, let me twist yer arm into watching again...

Great stuff, you can get a sense of the drama building up to the aforementioned violence that comes to a head at 1:59 in the trailer, after that brutal heart punch by Bucky...

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... we see the Buckster is trying to RIP the arc reactor out of Tony/ Iron Man's chest!


That would KILL Tony, no doubt about it, disabling his suit would leave Tony defensless. He can't win this fight without a fully functioning suit, can he? Now, like I said, we know there will be violence, and we even know that at least one funeral happens in the film - , but why is Bucky (here, in the section of the movie where he is surely himself, no?) trying to KILL Tony?

First of all:

There is no love lost between Tony and The Winter Soldier (remember, he really doesn't know Bucky). We have good reason to believe TWS holds Stark, somewhat, responsible for the monster that they made him (Iron Man 2 story line). We also know that Tony is not an ally to Cap, Falcon or TWS from that end credit scene in Ant Man...

Tony may have another reason to be down on the Winter Soldier. Some have speculated that TWS was the assassin that took out his parents.

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Here it comes:

Bucky holds Tony responsible for the DEATH of Captain America...


let it sink in...


I'll wait...


I have felt, from the very beginning , when they announced the moniker Captain America: Civil War, that they would play out this iconic story from the comics. The inclusion of Sharon Carter aka Agent 13, the rise of Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones, and, most importantly, the absolute necessity for this to feel like a WAR went down.

By all accounts, the conflict in this movie is between Cap and Iron Man, with Bucky/ The Winter Soldier at it's center.

Steve - "He's my friend, Tony"

Tony - "So was I..."

These words are at the heart of the film. Bucky takes them to heart, just as much as the other two. What else would make him snap other than losing his best/ only friend? Now, of course, I don't think that Iron Man kills Cap, I think it will be an incredibly, skillfully written setup that I can't wait to see play out on the big screen. Surely, I don't want to ruin the story for anyone by going into specific detail about what goes down in the comics, but, if you have read the Civil War arc and the associated stories of the First Avenger, you will know where I am coming from. As a comic book reader since the mid 1960's (yeah, I'm an old guy) my hope is that, if you are so inclined, you will go to the library and read these great stories by Ed Brubaker. Maybe, if you've got the scratch, go ahead and buy'em.

Chris Evens has had a great run with every Captain America movie becoming the best in the MCU, and I think he's done as my beloved Captain.

Tell me what you think in the comments...

( - wink).


Is Captain America going to survive the Civil War?


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