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A lot of people already have heard of Negan and his barbed wire baseball bat named "Lucille", and if you haven't been living under a rock you may have already heard that in the comics Glenn gets the bat to the face. Well I would like to point out why I do not think it will be Glenn in the show and the evidence that supports this.

We already know from looking at previous season how Kirkman writes and changes the story for the TV series. Ultimately the story line always ends up where the comics are. For example, even though they deviate from the comics by introducing different story arcs, such as the Beth and Daryl episodes, and adding in the Terminus thing, they still follow the basic story: Camp, Farm, Prison, Cannibals/church, Alexandria, Hilltop and so on. The only major things that change are the characters, this is evident from the fact that Andrea is very much dead in the TV series and still very much alive in the Comics. With that being said as you can tell from my previous article HERE, characters take on multiple mantles of previously dead characters. As we have seen in the most recent Season 6 second half, Michonne has taken on the love interest for Rick in place of Andrea. Kirkman has a knack for following the comics to a "T" only to take a hard left turn and throw us for a loop. So far the second half of season 6 has been following the comics 90% even up to last weeks episode of "Knots Untie". We are due for a left turn any episode. However, if they keep to this 90% then we are probably about to see another death withing this next episode or the one after. So Here is a little run down of my theory of what everyone's fate will be by the end of season 6.

1. Rick Grimes: Safe, nothing will happen because he is Rick Grimes and he is the character Kirkman is going to beat until he has nothing left

2. Carl Grimes: Again, like his father, he has to big a role to play than to just kill off

3. Michonne: Since she is taking on the Mantle of Andrea from the comics, she is basically going to be another Grimes and is going to be around for a long time

4. Abraham: I believe Abe is going to meet his maker in the next episode or the one after. The clues for this was in last episode when he said that he was going to start patrols with Eugene, he is also starting a relationship with sasha which opens up the door for Rosita and Eugene (like in the comics) and they are building him up much like they did with Noah. Since they are following the comics right now, He is going to get an arrow to the back of the end while out with Eugene.

5. Eugene: Unless they decide to start deviating him from his comic counterpart personality wise, then he will stay alive and remain in his comic role as he always has on screen and on page. In other words, he is safe.

6. Rosita: See Eugene, pretty much the same thing.

7. Sasha: I think Sasha is kind of ambiguous. I am not sure of her fate because she is kind of a shadow version of Andrea as well, her comic counterpart died off at the time of the Andrea counterpart in the TV show. Given the evidence I think she will be around a while

8. Judith: Judith is already dead in the comics, as you may have read in my previous article, she is an "open arc" that needs closed......

9. Morgan: Hard to say here, he is NOTHING like his comic counterpart and they have put to much time into his character development in the show to kill him off as easily as they did in the comics. He hasn't taken on any mantles of anyone either, so it is really hard to see where they are going with him.

10. Father Gabriel, Tera, Aaron, and all the other lesser characters: Most of these people at this point are kind of like Noah, they are the "red shirts" of the walking dead universe and any of them can go at any moment. Some of them are still alive in the comics, others don't exist (i.e. Tera), and other no one really cares about. They may or may not be picked off in coming episodes.

11. Daryl, Carol, Glenn, and Maggie: I am bunching all of these guys into one group because they could all fit into the "left turn" at the end of the season. If you read my previous article you would know that I think it will be Maggie, However, they could still very much follow through with the Glenn story arc though I think that this is less likely because of how they teased us back in episode 3 of season 6. Daryl and Carol either don't exist or are dead already so they are easy targets as well. So in order of possibility of getting Lucilled, I believe Maggie is the number one contender, Daryl is number two, Carol number 3, and Glenn in last place. I just don't see them following the Comics so closely as they have and continue doing it on into the Negan introduction.

Its going to be Maggie.


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