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Well the official first trailer has dropped and after watching it three or four times... well before that, I just want to say I am a fan of the original movie. I practically watched it everyday as a young boy. Was I against a remake? Yes! Was I displeased that it was a all female cast? Yeah, but I have a story line that would have really worked for an all female cast. So does this trailer make the movie look like it will be good?

I don't know. I know for certain I am not confident. Don't get me wrong, there is nostalgia to the trailer, you got the old firehouse, Slime gags, and Slimer. The ghosts look great and the movie visually looks awesome. But that doesn't mean it will be good. I did think that the jokes weren't really good. I mean these are SNL veterans & one comedic actress and a frequent SNL guest in Melissa McCarthy.

Look, these guys were great, it was a sleek, original, and it was naturally funny. It is safe to say that the original cast was more gifted than the new cast we have here in the reboot remake. I won't go as far as saying those women are not talented, because they are very funny. I just think this type of movie is one that they won't allow their talents to excel in. Having it an all female cast (and Thor) is not necessary a bad thing, if... this wasn't a remake. I have an idea for a story line that would have really worked for the movie. Check it out.

30 years later, ghosts have begun to unleash themselves onto New York City. The original Ghostbusters have long retired and one of them has passed on. Now this part would get dicey because Harold Ramis has passed on (RIP). One of the daughters of the Ghostbusters, (see?) got an unfortunate visit from the ghost of Egon Spengler and warns of a ghost uprising. Now she goes and visits, let's say Peter Venkman. They talk for a bit and he gives her the Han Solo, "It's true, all of it." kind of line. He hands her a deed to the Ghostbuster property and say "It's all yours. We were hoping to pass it down to our sons but we had all girls, so...." So she was naturally offended by that and decides to reopen the old Firehouse and recruit the daughters of the Ghostbusters. I think the best part about this would be they are not even scientists, far from it. Whatever jobs they have, they would not help contribute to catching ghosts. I think the inexperience would make it funnier than what is happening in the trailer.

To me, I thought that would have been a great story line that not only would make sense, it would be funny watching these ladies to try and show up their legendary dads. I don't think we have that here, this is a complete remake.

Well, what do you think? Will be good, terrible, on the line?


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