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More than anything, Marvel is known for creating realistic characters and situations in a universe where superpowers exist and are prevalent. This includes their female characters. Marvel continues to create superheroines like Captain Marvel, as well as strong female characters without powers, such as Peggy Carter and the Black Widow. During March, Marvel is celebrating its female characters with merchandise, comics, and video games. The "Women Of Power" event will add new female characters to games like LEGO Marvel's Avengers and Avengers Academy. Two of Marvel's upcoming films, Captain Marvel and Ant Man and The Wasp, also feature female heroes in the movie title - something that has yet to happen in the MCU. Even so, there are still tons of female characters we haven't seen in the MCU yet. We've even seen some female characters on screen who have superhero aliases in the comics, and have yet to take up those mantles in the MCU! Here are the top 8 female characters and super-aliases we need to see in the MCU, and who could play them.

Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman)

Believe it or not, Spider-Woman has nothing to do with Spider-Man. She's mainly an Avenger and sometimes acts as a spy for Hydra. Occasionally teaming up with Carol Danvers, I'd say Spider-Woman has closer ties to Captain Marvel than Spider-Man (which is confusing. Sorry Marvel, just saying).

Who Should Play Jessica?

Zooey Deschanel is not only a great actress, she's got the right look, and would make a great addition to the MCU. She would also be an excellent foil to Captain Marvel's more serious demeanor at times. Zooey would make a great Spider-Woman. Plus, her character on New Girl is named Jess. If that's not an obvious sign, then I don't know what is! (I officially grant all of you conspiracy theorists permission to take this far too seriously all over the internet! Tumblr-ers have a field day!)

Where Should She Appear?

Spider-Woman would be a great addition to Captain Marvel. She's strong and independent like Carol and would be a great help in her adventures.


Jen Walters received a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner. This gave her the powers of the Hulk, but doesn't change her personality as much as the Hulk.

Who Should Play Her?

I know that everyone wants her to play Captain Marvel, but I think Ronda Rousey would make a great She-Hulk. She could do well at playing Jennifer Walters's intelligence, whilst also showing her brute force.

Where Should She Appear?

The Hulk is supposedly going to be hanging out with Thor during Thor: Ragnarok. Maybe the after credits scene could involve him returning to earth to help his dear cousin.

Black Cat

Felecia Hardy is a thief-turned-detective. She's had relationships with both Spider-Man and Flash Thompson. She's a little crazy and very vengeful. All in all, she's a deep character whose origin makes her a compelling hero and villain.

Who Should Play Her?

Considering the fact that Marvel's Spider-Man will supposedly be around 14 years old, Black Cat needs to be someone younger as well. This also gives her time to pop up in other Marvel properties, and really grow as a character over time. I think Chloe Grace Moretz is the best choice for the job. I haven't seen a whole lot of her work, but her character on 30 Rock was brilliant. She actually went up against Alec Balwin, and did an amazing job! She was believably smart, selfish, and sly, which are all qualities that will enhance Black Cat as a character.

Where Should She Appear?

Black Cat, being a Spider-Man character, should obviously show up in Marvel's Spider-Man. I'd love to see this new Peter Parker going up against a main villain like Doc Oc, while also contending with Black Cat and her cheeky nonchalant crime sprees.


When Pepper Potts needs to escape a Stark facility, she discovers an 'Iron Man' suit fit for her. After using the suit to escape, she names herself Rescue and occasionally assists other heroes during times of crisis.

Who Should Play Her?

Gwenyth Paltrow is Pepper Potts. We love her in the role. Now we just need to see Pepper become Rescue.

Where Should She Appear?

During Avengers Infinity War Part I the world will surely be in chaos and Tony will no doubt be in grave danger. This could be a perfect time for Pepper to step in and help.

America Chavez

America is a member of the Young Avengers. She's snarky but knows her responsibilities. As Miss America, she's stood up to villains such as Loki himself!

Who Should Play Her?

Gina Rodriguez would make an amazing Miss America. She could easily play the snarky attitude and the witty humor as well.

Where Should She Appear?

Agents of SHIELD is going through an Inhuman overload. I'd like to see more powered characters like America who got their abilities because of something other than Inhumanity.

Kate Bishop

Kate was a wealthy child who enjoyed giving and being charitable, but after being sexually assaulted, she focused her time and energy on helping women who went through the same trials. After intense training, Kate became a new Hawkeye and helped the Young Avengers.

Who Should Play Her?

I'm convinced that Jennifer Lawrence is the next Meryl Streep. In other words, she could do absolutely anything. She played Katniss Everdeen, so we know she can handle a bow and arrow. In her other roles she has already played excellent strong female characters. Combine those and you have Kate.

Where Should She Appear?

Jessica Jones' first season followed female characters who were abused like Kate was. Kate's character could be very valuable in cleaning up what Killgrave did to the city.

Lady Thor

After Thor loses his worthiness, Mjolnir goes to Jane Foster, who becomes Lady Thor. Lady Thor fights alongside the all new Avengers to protect Earth.

Who Should Play Her?

Natalie Portman plays Jane so well. She does such a good job at playing her innocent, good nature. I think we'd all love to see her take up the mantle of Thor.

Where Should She Appear?

Thor: Ragnarok is set to bring about big changes for Thor. During the battle, could he do something that proves him unworthy? Could Ragnarok end with Mjolnir being passed on to Jane?


Singularity is a mystery. She arrived on a meteor one day and seemed to cause chaos wherever she went. After being teleported to our universe, she found herself being pursued by another unknown cosmic entity. With the ability to teleport and transport herself and others, as well as telepathically connect to others over vast distances, Singularity is one of Marvel's most interesting characters in years.

Who Should Play Her?

Anna Kendrick needs to be in the MCU. Singularity would provide not only a unique role for her acting talents, but also for her voice talent. I assume Singularity has a very echo-y, space-y sounding voice. Anna Kendrick would do great.

Where Should She Appear?

Singularity has ties to Captain Marvel and the Inhumans. I think she would fit better with the Guardians of the Galaxy, though. A brief appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 could lead to her appearing in Captain Marvel or possibly Avengers Infinity War.

Marvel is doing so much to further the female presence in its properties. Whether these characters show up or not, there's no doubt we're in for more and more amazing female Marvel characters. What female Marvel characters did I miss? Tell us about them and who should play them in the comments!


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