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Over the past couple years, one of the biggest bugga-boos movie fans have had with Hollywood is the practice of genderbending characters or casting someone of color in a "white" role. Why is this a problem? Many people try to argue that this is wrong because it is trying to be "politically correct," which has for some reason gained a poor reputation recently.

Whenever there is talk of a person of African descent being cast in a "white" role, many people go crazy. Their initial reaction is not, "oh, they must be a great actor or actress for the casting director to make such a risky decision." Instead, the initial reaction is, "Hollywood is trying to shove political correctness down my throat - let's boycott the movie!" But really, let's look at these examples in context.

One of the first high-profile examples of this diverse casting was in last year's Fantastic Four. Before anything, let's put this obvious fact out there: the movie bombed. The plot failed, especially at the end. One factor that most people did seem to enjoy (or at least acknowledge that it was not awful) was the cast.

One of the most controversial members of the cast was Michael B. Jordan, an African American actor, as Johnny Storm, a Caucasian character. This was the first bit of hate that the movie received, and countless people decided to boycott it simply because of this casting decision.

As it turns out, Michael B. Jordan's acting was one of the only good parts of the movie. He is a very talented actor who was purposefully hated because the decision to cast him was supposedly being "politically correct," when the decision to cast him was actually based on talent.

During the fall, numerous people posted online that they would be boycotting Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the same reason. Unlike other Star Wars movies, which were led by male white actors, The Force Awakens starred a white female actress and a black male actor. Studies have shown casting someone who is not a white male in the lead role will not lead to as many ticket sales - but Disney decided to focus on the talent of the actors rather than the statistics.

Nevertheless, people assumed that this casting decision was an attempt to force diversity, when really it was just utilizing the talents of two amazing actors. Countless people predicted the movie would fail simply because of the risky "political" casting decisions.

As it turns out, The Force Awakens became the third highest grossing movie of all time, banking over $2 billion, received a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, and was nominated for 5 Oscars.

The most recent example of people hating on a diverse cast is the upcoming Ghostbusters. The trailer was released earlier this week, and people quickly hopped on the hate train. Why? The majority of people hate it because Hollywood is, once again, "forcing political correctness down their throats."

In reality, the cast was chosen because of how talented they are. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Katie McKinnon and Leslie Jones are all very talented actresses, especially in the field of comedy. The decision to cast them was not initially because they were women, but simply because they are fantastic talents.

People are worried that "forcing" the casting of women will destroy the franchise, but Dan Aykroyd (who starred in and wrote the previous movies) is involved. This isn't some cheap reboot - it comes from the same place as the original movie. With such a talented cast, I know this movie will be great.

Everyone tries to argue that "political correctness" is ruining our lives and is tearing Hollywood apart, but really it is not. The decisions to cast talented people like Michael B. Jordan and Daisy Ridley isn't based on some attempt to be diverse - it is based on the fact that they are amazing talents.

FOX knew it would be risky casting Jordan as a white character, but they did it because they knew how fantastic he was - and he was easily one of the best parts of the entire film.

Hating on a movie because it stars a black person isn't trying to "stop political correctness" - it's racism. Hating on a movie because it stars a woman isn't stopping "political correctness" - it's sexism. Stop the drama, stop the hate, and just enjoy the movies like the rest of us.

Movies aren't supposed to be some political battle, so there is no need to make it one. I love movies just as much as anyone. Sure, it may be different seeing women play the Ghostbusters, but as long as the actresses are all talented and the movie turns out to be good, then I will be okay with it. They're movies. Enjoy them.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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