ByScott Kuczeryk, writer at
Scott Kuczeryk

Luke should have had a bigger part in this movie like showing us what happened to him and why he disappeared for so long. To me five minutes at the end of the movie was a total waste of time to get him for doing the scene. After all Star Wars was basically made about Luke Skywalker and his exploits but done get me wrong here, with the introduction of Rey, Finn and Poe was great and the Han and Chewie storyline was great too but in my opinion, what they should have done is have Luke meet up with Han, Chewie and Rey and figure out what to do about Kylo Ren. Killing off Han was to soon in the series, J.J. should have done it in Episode VIII. I'm sure Harrison would agree with me there. What J.J. should have done was focus more on Luke then Han in this first episode. What I truly think is and it would have been fitting is that Boba Fett came back for Episode VIII and killed Han since they have a history together and are rivals. Anyone out there who disagrees with me please state your case.


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