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Calling all horror filmmakers! Can you create a terrifying, bloody nightmare in only 15 seconds? If so, keep scrolling down.

2015's 15 Second Horror Film Challenge was a great success that showcased up and coming talent within the Horror industry. Many filmmakers who entered were amateurs or semi-professionals, which led to some extremely inventive and intriguing shorts.

Lights Out gives it the thumbs up!
Lights Out gives it the thumbs up!

So what does it take to enter?

A love and knowledge of the horror genre, a camera (or iPhone, I guess) and a story that can last no more than 15 seconds!

Sound like fun? You bet it does, unless your just into rom-coms, that is.

See last year's winners below....

The beauty of the competition is that it gets lazy filmmakers up off their asses to make something new that can actually be shot in a single day! (Don't worry, I'm counting myself in there as well.)

Here's the official blurb from Andrew. J. Robinson of Work Obey Films, founder of the competition:


Call for entries begins April 1st until October 24th.

The 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a not-for-profit online contest where celebrity guest judges determine the Top 10 entries.

Our guest judges are Troma's Lloyd Kaufman, Nicholas Vince, Jessica Cameron, Kevin Martin, and Jennilee Murray return while newcomers George Hardy (the dad from Troll II), Bloodbath & Beyond, and Debbie Rochon join us, to name a few!

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or submit directly through

So filmmakers, here's your chance to get your tales of terror in front of a medley of "guest judges" and maybe get your foot or dismembered head in the door.....

I made CHANCE, PHOTO and RIP.....can you spot them?
I made CHANCE, PHOTO and RIP.....can you spot them?

Plus, there's new guest judge Najarra Townsend, the actress from Contracted and upcoming cult feature Wolf Mother - The Movie, who's joining in the madness.

Hubba hubba :)
Hubba hubba :)

This is a true competition for horror fans by horror fans and I absolutely cannot wait until entries start popping up online.

Be sure to drop YOURS (hint hint) in the comments below so I can watch when it gets dark!

Oh, and here's one of mine from last year involving a creepy photograph. I'll just subtly drop that in here. ;)

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Are you entering the competition?


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