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Has there been a film that became this popular in a short amount of time, while people still say it's underrated but i hear the movie referenced and talked about wherever i go, and i very much agree. Which's the movie in question, you ask?

It's the 2014 Action flick: John Wick. Which stars Keanu Reeves as a retired badass assassin who comes back to kill of some russians because...they killed his dog. Which sounds like a odd premise to you, but fuck off, dog hating bastard! (Just kidding).

And it was such a surprise hit, that a sequel was immediately announced, and made Keanu Reeves pop up on the mainstream scene again.

Long story short, the movie's great. It has some memorable quotes, which will surely go down as one of the most memorable quotes of all times list, like "It's not what you did, but who you did it to' or 'See, John wasn't exactly the boogeyman, he was the one you'd send to kill the boogeyman.

Now, the sequel titled John Wick: Chapter Two is being released in 2017, and it here's two reasons why you should be excited:

#1: It's The Most Deserved Sequel Ever


John Wick needed a sequel, man. It had build up an interesting mythos, and needed exploration further and a sequel was the way to go.

#2: More John Wick, The Better

John Wick is a fun as hell character, and is massively popular, so he should get his own franchise, for christ's sake!



With John Wick 2 being released in 2017, we should get our much needed Wickfix soon, so new post tomorrow, guys, and fingers crossed i get Part 2 of my Episode 8 Fan Fic/Story Prediction thing out, but it's a possibility.


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