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As I write this, it's 9pm and I'm in bed (I'm too cool to go out partying) and I'm watching Two and a Half Men, one of my favourite TV shows. Every time I watch it I feel a little blue, because I really miss this hilarious show! It's so sad when a TV show ends or gets cancelled. It makes you think of how good it used to be, and what went wrong to make it go downhill (maybe you disagree with me, but I thought Two and a Half Men wasn't the same after Charlie died!)

Here are 5 sitcoms that I think should of ended differently - because who knows, if they had ended differently, maybe they'd still be here today!? (Or that's just wishful thinking - I can dream!)

Two and a Half Men

This show was amazing when it first started - so what happened? Watching some of the final scenes on YouTube, I don't seem to be the only one that's disappointed. So many people have ranted in the comments section, saying some unpleasant things about the show's creator Chuck Lorre and the show's finale. For me, the story went a little weird and the jokes weren't as funny. It just wasn't the same without Charlie.

How it Should of Ended

I think something simpler would have worked out better. Maybe Alan married and finally moved out of Charlie's apartment, a day Charlie has dreamed of but turned out to be sad and touching, as he realises how much he loves and will miss Alan and Jake, and how empty the home seems now that he's living on his own again. There's one thing I've always loved about Two and a Half Men, even when things started to change - Bertha. She cracks me up!


Scrubs is my favourite TV show. It didn't just make me laugh - I thought that characters were awesome and believable and I loved them, especially the relationship between JD and Doctor Cox, and the story lines were the perfect mix of being hilarious, emotionally charged and teaching us valuable life lessons, as well as seeing all this from a unique perspective (JD's crazy head) - but then something terrible happened. JD left.

I was gutted when JD left, and the episode of his last day was incredibly touching. Then in the last series of Scrubs, we see a load of new faces, and maybe I'm biased because I adore this show and its characters, but I really didn't like the last season. It wasn't as funny and I didn't like the new characters as much.

How It Should Of Ended

I think the perfect ending to Scrubs would have been the episode where JD leaves. The end of his life at Sacred Heart would have been a perfect finale, and seeing him tear up when he thought of his future with Elliot and the gang would have been better then trying to carry it on - after that episode, it just didn't work for me.


Yes, that's right, I said Friends! I actually think that the last episode of Friends was perfect - Monica and Chandler had their beautiful twins Jack and Erica and Rachel and Ross (finally!) got back together. But I'm still not satisfied.

How It Should Have Ended

I want to know what happened to the Friends gang, and see Emma, Jack, Erica, Ben and Phoebe's brother's triplets all grown up. It would of been nice to see an epilogue, a little like the end of the last Harry Potter film.

How I Met Your Mother

I love How I Met Your Mother, and I loved the final scene. However, I completely understand why people may be frustrated with the ending. What I wouldn't change is what happened to Marshall and Barney - I am so happy for Marshall for getting the job he always wanted, and Barney becoming a dad was really touching.

How It Should Have Ended

When I saw Ted hold up the blue French horn, it made me smile, and I thought it was a perfect scene - but I still think that maybe the series should have ended when we found out the mother, Tracy, had died. As for Ted and Robin, I had to deal with this on and off bull**** with Ross and Rachel in Friends - I can't take anymore feels! Now you end HIMYM with Robin and Ted getting back together again?! I don't know how to feel about this! Because part of me was really shocked that Robin and Barney got divorced - I thought they were really suited! But hey, you can't please everyone.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below! And don't forget to follow me for more movie, game and TV talk!


Which show do you think should have ended differently?


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