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Jensen Ackles's birthday just passed on March 1st and he is now 38 years old. Somehow, that man is 38 and still looks amazing. He gets better and better every year. He hasn't been in any recent movies, nor is he widely known, but those who appreciate his art do so with a passion.

There are three things people generally know about him:

  • He is ridiculously great looking and loved by all the ladies.
  • He has played Dean Winchester in one of the longest running beloved cult series ever, Supernatural.
  • He is all over tumblr.

While all those things are true, there are a lot of other things that most don't know. So in honor of his birthday, I'll be talking about six random facts you didn't know about Jensen Ross Ackles.

1. He could have been Captain America or Hawkeye

I don't assume many people know this, especially since Jensen doesn't make this known and it isn't spoken about by Marvel. It mostly started off as a rumor, until there was said to be multiple sources that confirmed Jensen having auditioned for Captain America's role and Marvel really liking him and being interested in him getting the role of Hawkeye. However, Jensen, being fully devoted to Supernatural, declined this offer and obviously never got the role.

I would have really loved to see Jensen as Captain America and even as Hawkeye. However, being a big fan, I appreciate and am thankful for his devotion to Supernatural. Of course, I'd love to see Supernatural go on for as long as possible but I also am hoping for Jensen (and Jared as well) to go even farther.

2. He and his wife, Danneel, had roles in a movie called 'Ten Inch Hero'

This film came out around 2007 so this was before they were married, which was in 2010, but they had been friends long before this film. It was near to the time they started dating. It's really sweet seeing them in this film together, especially since their characters don't generally get along too well.

3. Danneel, his wife is from Louisiana

Danneel was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and raised in Eunice, Louisiana. They have visited her side of the family in Louisiana on holidays before and she still hold true to he roots, which i admire. Although Supernatural has never filmed in Louisiana, there have been settings for episodes that were Louisiana based.

This is really awesome to me, being from Louisiana and having gone through Eunice all my life, I could have been one moment away from them and never have known it.

4. His father and sister have featured on 'Supernatural'

His father is Alan Ackles and he featured on the episode 'Heartache' (Season 8, episode 3) as a detective. His sister's name is Mackenzie and she has actually featured on two episodes. The first being 'Bloodlust' (Season 2, episode 4) and the second being 'Slash Fiction' (Season 7, episode 6). His mother was an extra in one episode, and his brother, so far, has never featured in an episode. He does look exactly like him though, it's almost haunting.

5. He has directed five different episodes of 'Supernatural'

So far there have only been five episodes he's directed, but there could be more in store for him, especially if Supernatural has a twelfth season. Below are the episodes he has directed:

  • 'Weekend at Bobby's' (Season 6, episode 4)
  • 'The Girl Next Door' (Season 7, episode 3)
  • 'Heartache' (Season 8, episode 3)
  • 'Soul Survivor' (Season 10, episode 3)
  • 'The Bad Seed' (Season 11, episode 3)

6. He can sing. Like, he can REALLY sing

Jensen at first was really shy about singing in front of people, so he never did. However, as of last year (2015) he really broke out of his shell and now he's a fully confident singer when on stage. He only sings at conventions and has featured on his friend and recording artist Jason Mann's Christmas album. If you want a little more conformation, just watch the video below and you'll see and hear everything you need to.

There is everything to love about this man. He is multi-talented, a sweet father, a husband, a brother, and a son. He is dedicated and faithful to his work and he loves the fans that brought Supernatural to where it is.

I hope you enjoyed and found out something you didn't know about this amazing man! Let me know in the comments below.

Source: Youtube


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