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For the longest time, I have wanted to create a video game that many different archetypes of players would enjoy playing. Finally, I have concluded a strategy action-adventure title that will not only take skill but pure dedication to master. Introducing Wartown!

Using Disney Infinity 3.0's advanced Toy Box game-creating software, Ian Channel is currently developing the first of many games we are to release in the near future. Wartown is going to be the perfect game for any type of player, whether you enjoy battling it out with your friends, playing through a campaign, or creating your own army specifically for your play-style.

Wartown will have three core modes: Campaign, Local Multiplayer, and, you guessed it, Online Multiplayer, utilizing 3.0's simple Online multiplayer system.

The game's campaign will feature 30 levels where you are pitted against the Troytain army, single-handedly developing your own customizable army, from heavily-armored Brutes to the quick-minded Dashers.

The game will also feature a Season Pass, which will be available to be pre-registered on March 16th, when the official details of the game will be revealed, along with the first gameplay trailer.

Stay tuned until March 16th, where we'll dive more into the world of Wartown.


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