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David Stansberry

Think about it...

Funny shaped head. A raw desire for power. Prideful and angry followers. It just makes sense that Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is really multi-billionaire, former reality TV star, and all-around douche, Donald J. Trump.

Don't believe me? Let's check out the evidence!

In The Force Awakens, Supreme Leader Snoke is obviously the perfect example of what happens when the body is consistently exposed to the radiation of galactic tanning beds. Instead of turning that Cheeto-Dust orange that he's famous for, after hundreds of years of extremely powerful tanning bulbs, the Donald's skin has become white and colorless, unable to retain any sort of shade that it once did.

His ears, long closed to the ideas of other people or the feelings of other cultures, have curved inwards, narrowing until they become short little nubs along the side of his head.

His mouth, tired from the many years of talking and yelling, has started to rip the connective tissue in his cheeks. The large, white veneers are poking through, jawing away at what's left on the inside of his mouth.

Look at that mouth...devouring every bite of pizza...with a fork.

Now do I really believe that Donald Trump is Supreme Leader Snoke? Not really. I guess it's possible, but I really think that this little blurb piece should end with two suggestions.

Stop voting for Donald Trump and stop guessing who Snoke is. Both are really, really, really annoying.


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