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SYTYCD is getting re-vamped this season with a new series called So You Think You Can Dance; The Next Generation! The show will feature young dancers ages 8-13 which will be a first in the history of the series! Because the competition will focus on kids, the So You Think You Can Dance franchise is about to make history by adding its youngest judge ever to the panel that consists of Paula Abdul, Nigel Lythgoe and Jason Derulo!

The judges of SYTYCD are just as amazed as we are!
The judges of SYTYCD are just as amazed as we are!

And that person is... Maddie Ziegler!

The teen star of Dance Moms already has a professional resume of collaborations with musicians such as Sia, actors like Shia LaBeouf, and even past and upcoming roles in film and television such as Dancing with the Stars, Ellen Degeneres, and more!

Maddie got her start on Dance Moms as the star of the "Abby Lee Dance Company", and got her big break starring in Sia's Chandelier which has been viewed on Youtube over 1,178,903,825 times! Now Maddie will be taking on the role as judge, giving dance contestants her opinion on their technique and abilities. It will be a new role for her that is sure to be interesting, and given her growing list of professional work in music, film, and television, she's more than qualified to give her opinion of young dancers like her who hope to follow in Maddie's footsteps!

Maddie responded to the news with a tweet that said:

Beyond Thrilled and Honored to be joining the So You Think You Can Dance family!!

You can view her actual tweet below:

This is exciting news for Maddie! What do you think of her joining SYTYCD as a judge? Do you think she'll be a valuable addition to the team? Comment below!


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