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Early on in Game of Thrones, the show let us know that no character is safe when they killed off Ned Stark, arguably the lead protagonist of the first season.

Since then, fan favorites have been killed off one by one, to the point where we as an audience know that even the best can't last forever. However, just because the characters are dead doesn't mean that we won't see them again.

There is an unspoken rule for Game of Thrones, that you have to see the character die for it to be real. If the death happened off-screen,they could have survived. There are plenty of brutal, gory deaths on-screen, so you have to be curious about why they try to cut away before a characters final blow. Well what if they cut away because the character wasn't really dead? Some could very well show up soon!

5. Stannis Baratheon

Stannis is not a good guy. In order to get a bigger chance of winning a battle, he burned his own daughter alive, which resulted in his wife committing suicide. Shortly after, much of his army fled, including his closest advisor, Melisandre. To top it off, he didn't win the battle. He actually suffered a crushing defeat. Though he didn't die in battle, Brienne of Tarth stepped up to finish the job.

Seeing as we did see her swing the sword, it's very likely that she followed through and ended the reign of King Stannis. However, I never quite pictured Brienne as the murdering helpless war-victims type. She beat the Hound in single combat, but it's unlike her to kill a wounded man. He very well could be dead, but I'd like to see more of the vulnerable Stannis that lost everything.

4. Syrio Forel

Syrio was a character that everybody loved from the start. Between his quotes about the god of death and his ability to take down members of the Kingsguard with a wooden sword, the Braavosi swordsman quickly earned a massive fan-base.

Unfortunately after the imprisonment Ned Stark, Cersei sent the Kingsguard to apprehend Ned's daughters as well. So when Meryn Trant found Arya, Syrio had no problem standing up to defend her. A wooden sword can only last so long against a steel one though, but the camera cut away before we saw Syrio fall. Let's just hope that the master swordsman said "not today", so that he can meet up with Arya again.

3. Catelyn Stark

Though she was the only one on this list that actually died on-screen, Lady Catelyn seems like one of the most-likely characters to return in the show. Those familiar with the book series might remember a character named Lady Stoneheart. That is none other than the resurrected Catelyn Stark, brought back to life by Beric Dondarrion.

Though she can't speak, she leads the Brotherhood Without Banners and the books and hunts down those loyal to the Lannisters. She was technically supposed to appear earlier in the show according to the timeline of the books, but it could be that the show wants to wait for her reveal until the perfect moment. Might that moment be in season 6?

2. The Hound

At the start of the show, the Hound wasn't the most loved character in the world. He killed Arya's friend an showed unwavering loyalty to the hated Joffrey, but as the show went on we started to like him more and more. He saved Sansa on several occasions, and he left Joffrey during the battle of Blackwater Bay. His crude comments grew even more lovable when he set out with Arya.

Sadly enough, the Hound was another target for the mighty Brienne of Tarth, and in a brutal final battle he lay broken and defeated at the feet of Arya Stark. Though he begged for death, Arya left him bleeding there. That was supposed to close the door for the Hound, but he's a strong fellow. I could see him popping back up as early as the upcoming season 6, all scarred and angry at the world.

1. Jon Snow

Did you really think that anyone else could top this list? Jon Snow is the closest thing to a hero that Westeros has, and we saw him repeatedly stabbed by his own men in the season finale of season 5. When asked, all of the cast and crew members of the show have sworn up and down that Jon's fate was final, but nobody quite believes them.

Whether Melisandre revives him or he is reborn from fire as Jon Targaryen, I am very sure that we will be seeing Jon again very soon. Maybe then his brothers of the Night's Watch will think twice about double-crossing him again.

Usually with shows like Game of Thrones, dead characters stay dead. Let's hope that doesn't remain the case for these five characters. Good ol' George R. R. Martin has a gift for creating incredible characters, and I'd like to see more of them.


Which character do you want to come back?


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