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“We want to reward and acknowledge the hard work by independent filmmakers that often times gets overlooked,” Marshall said. It is set in crystal, and blessed with certification. The Philadelphia Independent Film Awards is about exposure. On May 22, 2016, at 6pm, the International House Philadelphia will “recognize the excellence and diversity of the independent filmmaker” and will “tap into the vast array of talent the indie filmmaker has to offer.” Cohesive skills meet grand celebration. This show includes 200 submissions from over 50 countries. This presentation “rewards the best of the best in independent cinema.” It goes on “to recognize the wide range, scope, and diversity of indie film.”

Floyd Marshall, creator of the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards, and Festival, developed this award show to highlight, independent talents. The local, Philadelphia man, screenwriter, founder, and executive producer helps others see greatness. He gets support from co-organizers an unrelated, Angelique Marshall, head of LIQUE Productions and Keyon Smith, known for his television roles, on programs like Hack, and Cold Case. His film works include the saga Compromised, National Treasure, and The Next Three Days. He is also the founder of Concrete Productions.

This award show will include a special appearance on the red carpet, and for an award. Jenni Steele, as a mentor, entertainment correspondent, the National Ambassador of DVUK, “the face of Izelia fashions,” and someone who carries many other titles and accolades, will ignite this award show like no one else.

Let me say this. A group of film talents comes together. Different ideas collapse into a complete package. How hard it is to work as group toward one vision? The Philadelphia Film Awards starts to present a basic idea. At the end, the result, the film, must be of a certain quality and standard. These independent filmmakers strive, commit, and sacrifice in order to produce the best pieces possible.

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