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Tired of the same old boring Saturday with no place to do? Do people ask you, "Hey what did you do over this weekend," and you lie? Don't you wish you could be someone else for a change, masquerade as somebody and feel good about it? Well you're in luck my friend, as this Saturday, at the Penn Plaza Pavilion comes the most anticipated event of all time. it's none other than NYC's 2016 Big Apple Con.

A whole sense of entertainment and fantasy will shine the streets of New York as traffic comes to a halt as Big Apple Con will break attendance record with their all star stellar coast of comic book writers, illustrators, television and world wrestling guest celebrities. And did I also mention lot of comic, science fiction and fantasy book dealers and artists of every talent. And for your viewing pleasure, all those beautiful cosplayers - All under one roof.

Attending legendary Lori Petty, aka, "Tank Girl & LiveWire, Robert Bruce from Comic Book Men, Former WWE.ECW wrestler Scott Steiner, macabre actress sensation Debbie Rochon plus the most talented group of graphic artists of our time. The incomparable Ramona Fradon, the creator of comic charter Dawn, Joe Linsner, X-Men extraordinaire, Bob Wiacek, and the man who made me believe a Batman existed, legendary artist, Neal Adams. And there's more, much, much more!

Courtesy of Big Apple Con 2016.
Courtesy of Big Apple Con 2016.

So make a day in fantasy this Saturday, March 5th at the Big Apple Con 2016.

The Big Apple Con is on this Saturday March 5th, 401 7th Avenue & 33rd Street. Penn Plaza Pavilion (across from Madison Square Garden) Hours of operation are from 10 AM til 6 PM. Tickets are available for purchase through:

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