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If you grew up with Lilo and Stitch, then you know about all the crazy and highly illegal experiments that Dr. Jumba Jookiba came up with. All 626, to be exact, with speculation that there are actually two more experiments. Each experiment is unique in its own way, and instead of naming them all, I'm going to name my top ten favorite experiments!

10. Experiment 610 - Witch

Witch is the first one on my list of favorites. She is designed to have tons of supernatural abilities, which would be cool on Halloween until she possesses someone to be an evil witch or unleashes her demonic transformation capabilities.

9. Experiment 375- Phantasmo

Another cool ghostly experiment is Experiment 375, Phantasmo. He is designed to possess inanimate objects, initially to cause chaos. But he realized soon that gaining people's appreciation was better than causing chaos, and now possesses objects for the good. My first thought was that he would have been cool to have when I was little, playing Barbies by myself. He would be a great source of entertainment, and that fact that he can seep through obstacles would make it fun to scare people.

8. Experiment 355- Swapper

First of all, how cute is this little guy? This is Swapper, and he is designed to swap any two individual's minds. This reminds me of the saying, "great minds think alike," or in this case, you would just be getting someone's great idea and they would be getting yours.

7. Experiment 323- Hunkahunka

Experiment 323, Hunkahunka, is a cute little pink bird at first. However, he is designed so that once he pecks someone, that person falls in love with the first person they see. I would want this little guy just to see what it's like to play Cupid for once!

6. Experiment 285- Lax

Boy, do I need this one. Experiment 285, Lax, is designed to zap people into becoming extremely relaxed. He would be super beneficial to have every now and then.

5. Experiment 267- Wishy Washy

This experiment is basically an over-stuffed Carebear. Wishy Washy is designed to grant any wish he hears, which would be super cool. Unfortunately, he is also designed to grant them literally. So be careful what you wish for.

4. Experiment 254 - Mr. Stenchy

He is so adorable! His cuteness is basically the only reason I want him, as he is designed to use his irresistible charm to get the enemy to take him to their headquarters. 48 hours after his activation, he emits a noxious odor that makes the location inhospitable. So... adorable and completely terrifying?

3. Experiment 234 - Shush

Again, another super cute experiment! Experiment 234, Shush, is designed to use the speaker in her tail to ease drop. So you get a super cute companion and you get to ease drop to hear what's going on in the next room. What more can a girl ask for?

2. Experiment 158- Finder

This is probably one experiment that everyone wishes they had. Experiment 158, Finder, is designed to sniff out and track any lost or missing person or item. Lost your keys? Get separated from the group and can't find anyone? You don't need to worry about it if you've got Finder.

1. Experiment 625 - Reuben

Because who doesn't want someone to make them sandwiches all day? Reuben is the experiment created right before Stitch. He has all the same capabilities and powers that Stitch does, but he is a coward and is quite lazy, so he instead just sits around making amazing sandwiches all day.

So out of all 626 experiments, and possibly more than that, I have narrowed it down to my favorite ten experiments. Now I want to hear what your favorites are! Comment down below, or make your own post about which ones you wish you had to hang around with all day.


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