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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Ever since the very first Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer released, the graffiti covered Robin suit has been a big object of discussion. The most popular theory was that Jason Todd was the one behind the suit, and already was murdered by The Joker, which eventually leads to the Red Hood story line. While these seems to be the most likely route that DC will take, Geoff Johns' recent comments has us all thinking again!

Geoff Johns Says That The Suit May Not Be Jason Todd's

Geoff Johns recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly and elaborated on the role Robin's suit would play in Batman V Superman.

"We’ll be exploring that. No one says specifically the name of which Robin that is."

He also said that the identity of the Robin will not be revealed during the film. This will definitely leave some intrigue for us viewers. There are 3 Robins that I believe have a legit chance to appear in the solo Batman films. Dick Grayson, who leaves Batman and eventually becomes Nightwing, Jason Todd who was murdered by The Joker and resurrected by the lazarus pitt to become Red Hood, and Tim Drake. If they kill anyone off but Jason Todd, it would be a huge waste of the other characters.

If They Kill Dick Grayson, The Are Wasting Nightwing!

Nightwing is personally one of my favorite characters in all of the DC Universe. If Dick Grayson is the one that is already dead, I believe it would be a huge mistake. It would be awesome to see Nightwing pop up and help Batman in one of the solo films so I really hope it isn't Dick Grayson!

Fans Want To See A Red Hood Storyline!

Red Hood is one of the most infamous storylines in all of Batman history. We recently got an animated film that depicted the famed story arc but fans have waited for years to see the story line played out on the big screen. I still believe that this is the story arc that DC will explore. Everything makes sense, we have Jared Leto's Joker coming into the equation, and it is definitely what the fans want to see!

We Won't Know For A Long Time!

The Robin that we get may not even be one of the big three. It may be Stephanie Brown, Damien Wayne, or even Carrie Kelly, even though Batman's age doesn't add up to their respected storyline. Geoff Johns made it clear that we won't see what the deal is for quite sometime, perhaps they don't even know what they are doing as of know. Either route DC decides to go, I believe that we are in for something awesome!


Which Robin Do You Think The Suit Belongs To?


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