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Question, ever seen Dame Helen Mirren and Jennifer Lawrence beside one another? Not sure? Well... A large portion of the internet can tell you the exact reason why you haven't. Y'see, a crazy conspiracy believes that Jennifer Lawrence is in fact Dame Helen Mirren.

Of course this conspiracy theory isn't new, nor is it based on any evidence at all bar the fact that Jennifer Lawrence bares a striking resemblance to a young Helen Mirren. The reason that it's began to circulate the internet once again is due to redditor JIkapomycc.

Two days ago the redditor posted this photo of a young Helen Mirren that looked a lot like the Hunger Games actress.

A Yound Helen Mirren
A Yound Helen Mirren

The reddit thread has since amassed 1566 comments to date with many people genuinely debating why the duo look so alike. Some of the best comments include highlights such as is Helen Mirren a time traveller? or are the Oscar winning actresses the result of some inbred Hollywood studio gene pool? Interesting to say the least.

Of course the theory itself is absolutely ludicrous, but there is no denying that the actresses do indeed look like one another.

Like I mentioned above, the crazy conspiracy has been debated on countless internet forums for awhile. Thus, it was only a matter of time until each were asked their thoughts on the striking resemblance.

Like Jennifer Lawrence, Helen Mirren to was presented with the evidence and also shrugged it off. Double bluff? Throwing us all off the scent?

Well... We're on to you Dame Helen Mirren...


Do Helen Mirren & Jennifer Lawrence look alike?


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