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Hello. My name is Akari. Akari Kekse. Today, I want to talk about a magical place and about the horror films that were created inside the minds of those born in there.

Asia is a continent that radiates mysticism and magic. It's a legendary place that has seen the birth of some of the most original and fascinating tales on Earth.

Asian horror movies have a special kind of flavor. The incredibly rich and deep traditions of the continent infuse the films with an essence that can't be found anywhere else.

Let me introduce to you six Asian horror movies that that you have to know about. Hopefully, these films will scare you in a way that no Hollywood movie will ever be able to.

I hope you enjoy it!

1. Train To Busan - Korea

Sok-Woo loves his daughter and he would do anything for her. They are traveling on their way to Busan inside a modern train. It is full of busy people who yearns to get to this modern city as fast as possible. Sadly, they are not alone. A hungry horde of zombies as invaded it and now Sok-Woo and a group of brave survivors will try to reach Busan amidst a hellish horde.

Train To Busan is one of the best horror zombies of the last few years. It nailed the most important characteristic in a zombie film: great characters. You will care about most of the passengers of this damned train. Horror movies are hardly sentimental, but this one is one of the few exceptions. A film that all zombie fanatics has to know.

2. 'Ju-on: Shiroi Roujo' - Japan

After the success of the American Ringu remake, thousands of Asians movies were remade and adapted into the western market. The best known film from that trend is The Grudge, the 2003 adaptation of Ju-On, starred Sarah Michelle Gellar and Bill Pullman.

What most people don’t know is that there is not only one Ju-On movie, but seven. While most of these are completely recommendable, there is one that, in my humble opinion, deserves to be known: Ju-on: Shiroi Roujo (The White Lady).

The story of this movie is unrelated to the one in the original saga, so you don’t need to watch all the other films in order to enjoy this one. The only relation between these movies is the dreadful curse that surges and stays when a person dies violently in a certain place. The spirit of the victim is doomed to remain there. Those individuals unfortunate enough to cross its path will have to face its fury and desire for revenge.

Ju-On may be the best saga of horror movies made in Japan. Check out this film and find out why.

3. 'Bairokêshon' - Japan

Rumor has it that every person has a double, a doppelgänger. Some say that this being is an evil creature who feeds from your vital energy; others say that those who meet these entities will experience a tragedy soon after.

A beautiful woman realizes that her creepy doppelgänger is following her. But she is not the only one experiencing this bizarre event. There is a group of people that, just like her, are being haunted by evil versions of themselves. Together, they will try to fight against these perverse creatures while trying to find the truth behind this nightmarish experience.

This movie is based on supposed real cases that have happened through history all around the planet. You will keep looking over your shoulder after watching this film.

4. Dab6e (Dabbe 6) - Turkey

Ayla's mother has died. Doctors told her that the cause of her dead was brain hemorrhage, but she knows that something more sinister happened to her. The supernatural world was involved. Nobody believes her until she starts acting in strange ways. They realize that some wicked forces are hurting her and will ask for help. Soon they will realize the complex webs of lies and mysteries that builds the foundations of their past . . .

This is the sixth movie of this spooky franchise. Some of them have been shot in found-footage style, but this one has a more traditional approach. If you have watched any of the other five, then you should watch this, it is one of the best (and that's a great achievement because most of the Dabbe films are really good). If you are new to the series, then this one is also a great entrance point (remember that these films are not related, so don't worry about it).

5. 'Jue ming pai dui' - Taiwan

Wade Chen is a good man. Thanks to his good nature, he is invited to a very exclusive party, one that only the richest of the rich can attend. There he will experience the best night of his life. He will earn tons of money, win a luxurious car, and have sex with a beautiful supermodel.

But some dreams eventually come to an end and, sometimes, nightmares will arrive to replace them.

This movie is not about vengeful ghosts or evil spirits. Here the antagonist is the worst monster of them all. Above all, this movie explores the cruelty of heartless human beings.

6. 'Haunted Changi' – Singapore

There are few things scarier than spending a night in a real haunted, abandoned hospital. This is an experience that most people would be happy to live without. But when you are paranormal investigator, this can be your dream come true.

Or your worst nightmare.

This movie was filmed in a real haunted location. Some claim that it is one of the most haunted places on the entire planet. Sadly, the entrance is now watched via motion sensors, so people no longer have access to this creepy hospital.

Grave Encounters fans should check this one.

What's your favorite Asian horror?

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