ByAllyson Deneau, writer at
Allyson Deneau

So I've only have seen the movie i'm reading the book's and watching the Tv show what more is there.i think there should be more about the about The City Of Ashes or so thing that well get more and more peoples eye.I think that there should be more to the Shadow World more then you can think of.who done't want Clace or Sizzy or Malec.But they might not happen.So i think that maybe there is something there are telling us in the Tv show.Or is it just me.OK.Its me.But there is something we are not seeing.There is something going to happen to Jace and Clary in the Tv show like what happend in the book and the movie.

We have so many things happning now that should not happen but it is like Love why no love gets in the way of lots of thing like life friends and family.No onee wants to lose the friend or famiy to love or there Parabatal to love.


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