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Erased is slowly becoming a mishandled mess if it continues down this path!

The most interesting part of the episode by far was the beginning portion with Satoru, his mom and Kayo all approaching her mother one last time. Of course she begins to loose it once again and even tries to hit Kayo until they become visible. It turns out that all of this was just a way to expose her by having the child services watching nearby. It is very straight forward and you know where this is going until a weird thing happens.

Out of nowhere Kayo's grandmother shows up and begins to take the blame for why her mother is abusive. It is shown briefly that this is because of the abusive husband that Kayo's mother had that lead to her becoming the abusive mother she is. But the grandmother takes the blame because she was the one that lead to their divorce??? I don't get why this was important and honestly, it actually ruins the entire purpose of Kayo's mother. It was such a cheap cliche to make us feel something for her mother as well as establish why she is the way she is.

Nothing good was added from knowing this and what is worse is that we have to accept that this is all true.

So the rest of the episode goes on as Satoru now wants to protect two other victims before they are kidnapped. One is a girl from a different school so he makes his way to follow her and know her schedule. He does this until he runs into his mother who was shopping and needs his help, very soon after his teacher offers him and his mother a ride home. During the ride home it is reveals that his teacher has a lot of candy in his car, to very much imply that he is the killer he has been looking for. Which once again, would make sense because he was at the same location as him earlier and even before that he told him details about the bus that he kept Kayo hidden in.

The next day Satoru goes to check out the bus only to find that it is empty which is no surprise because he has told the teacher all about it. He involves his friends on his next mission to save a new girl from the killer and they begin to leave school and make a plan, but what is interesting is that the episode ends with two of his other friends following them as well as a new mysterious girl who had been listening to their conversation.

Could this be the killer or an accomplice?? We will have to wait and see until next week's episode.

There was so many wrong decisions in this episode, from the backstory of Hinazuki's mother to going overboard with implying that the teacher if the killer, I just don't know what they are doing at this point. It was nice to see Kayo get a happy ending (that we know of now) and a good send off but we quickly move on to the next girl to save without much context as to why? They are now playing this superhero theme up a lot so I guess we will have to see where this leads to.

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