ByJeffrey Ryan Porter, writer at
Jeffrey Ryan Porter

Release of the anticipated Smith is scheduled for release March 25th this year. A third person MOBA could be very interesting and a new take on the genre. I've been alpha testing these last couple days and here are my findings.

Initially, let me tell you that this is by no means a bad game necessarily, it's graphics are beautiful, but in no means brings anything new or exciting to the already established genre. You pick a hero (of whats free, the rest you have to pay for), enter an arena, fight, level up and buy your weapons and armor before you rinse and repeat. Amazingly enough though, this is highly popular among players of League of Legends, another MOBA that has dominated the Free-to-play market with its ridiculous revenue coming from players buying new characters and skins (simply changing their appearance slightly.)

Smite is a third person MOBA with simple ideas and weapons that come straight off the page of other games. It does incorporate a few different game modes, including an arena style team deathmatch. However, with so much hype behind it, I don't see the big deal. I know there are gamers that enjoy MOBAs and that's fine, but to keep recreating the same game with different graphics is growing repetitive.

Smite is a culmination of hard work and programming, but with lack there of creativity. The characters are mythological gods which is fine but again nothing original. I can respect the game but am not a fan of the repetitive nature. The third person view is an interesting style for the game but works none the less.

In closing argument, if you were expecting a mind-blowing new game featuring the battle arena style you might as well stick with League and not spend even more money on a new game that is exactly the same. But then again I encourage you to try it out and decide for yourself.


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