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In this article I am only changing around the order of a few movies not all of them. It may seem like I don't go into enough depth but this is because I may be saving these ideas for a later more lengthier to post but on one topic not a range. These movies are after Batman vs Superman.

Batman Solo Movie

I would personally follow the under the red hood storyline for this but as a flashback. This would be good as in the new dc universe I believe they should separate themselves from the Marvel universe and Nolan-verse by introducing families, such as the bat family,superman's family and flash's.

I think it would be good as very often they change how the main character is and should be to make them better. Anyway it should follow the red hood storyline with a few changes as many fans know the storyline already and it would be boring if it was linear. I would say it should also incorporate the league of assassins and deathstroke as ra's next heir. He should work with red hood in the final fight against batman and knightwing, but ultimately disobey ra's and get kicked out of the league. I have an idea how this could happen and I could go in more depth, just tell me in the comments. Another aspect should really be how gotham's mobs play a role like penguin two face and black mask. This should end with Joker being recruited by darkseid and the introduction of Tim drake.

This would help set up batman's rogue gallery and an aspect not always properly explored which is deathstroke's opposition to the bat family and how the bat family will play a role in the dc universe. I would go into the role of the families in later movies.

Justice League part 1

This should have all the justice league. I sat this as a recent report today by Ign said that the producer Charles Roven said:

“Every beat of the movie is not yet worked out. So there’s the possibility that he may or may not be in Justice League 2,” said Roven. “For now, we felt that we were introducing enough characters that the best possible place we could put Green Lantern is some introduction in Justice League 2, or barring that, a movie after.”

This is talking about not adding green lantern in the justice league part 1 movie. Although I can understand them wanting to get it right however green lantern is a main member of the justice league. Also one thing that makes the justice league so interesting is the interactions between characters such as:

  • Batman/Superman
  • Wonder woman/Batman
  • Wonder woman/Superman
  • Flash/Cyborg
  • Flash/Green lantern
  • Aquaman/Batman
  • And the best of all Batman/green lantern.

The last one is good as they really play off each other well and these interactions should really be what is focused on in the movies so green lantern should really be their from the start.

Anyway the main storyline should be that darkseid has recruited some villains to go and take on the justice league. Each of the villains would have the opportunity to have their powers or abilities enhanced. The villains would be lex luthor, Joker, Captain cold, sinestro,cheetah/circe,black manta, bizzaro created by lex and finally bane/black spider. Joker and lex should play more of a leader role.

This ends with the justice league beaten caught and locked up. The final scene should be darkseid appearing for the first time and ordering the injustice league to take superman away to be turned into a parademon. The families and sidekicks should play a role as they may rescue people from the parademons.

Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Shazam Solo Movies

These movies should all be origin stories and go back to where each character bar shazam first met and fought their respective villain in the justice league film. These movies should really give us a true analysis of why they do what they do. I would prefer if it didn't stray too much from the origin but wouldn't mind as sometimes that can be a good thing.

The shazam movie should be separated from the justice league events and instead should focus on the trials of shazam and him facing black Adam. Black Adam I personally think should be presented not as a villain but more like a bad guy who is willing to do anything for his country.

Justice League Part 2

The justice league are locked up and although there are a few heroes helping e.g bat family, flash family and atlanteans the situation looks dire.

The next scene should entail a really smart escape by the jl from their various prisoners by working together. But this was expected by the villains and basically they set a parademon superman on the jl and kryptonite doesn't work on him.

Anyway they defeat him and switch villains or some other method defeat the villains. Then they take on darkseid and defeat him.

Cyborg and Green lantern corps

In my opinion these are best to be saved for last as green lantern is not only focusing on one of the lanterns but all. Also cyborg is interesting as his movie can show how when he is not fighting the way he comes to grips with being half man, half robot. He should probably work for the government in his free time but this movie should address how his life would never be the same again and not doing what he loves, playing football.

This is basically how I think the dc universe should really be. This would be planned for 2017 to 2020 so dc have made a universe almost the same size as marvel. Over the next five years after they should through TV shows and films set up young justice and justice league dark with a few sequels.

One last point I would say that would allow this universe to stand out is if it uses the idea of a shared universe. Marvel have tried to and maybe later on they will but marvel have the avengers, guardians of the galaxy, Netflix TV shows and normal TV shows almost all separate. Now these will probably come together in the end but it would really be better for now. The closest to this was Captain America: The Winter Soldier with cap and widow. What I mean is there should be a few movies which combine characters e.g. flash/green lantern, superman/wonder woman. Now I'm not saying that these people should drop everything they are doing but they should help each other from time to time.

The best example of this is in flash and arrow they don't call each other after every little problem but when they need help greatly. This would really help the dc universe stand out more.

I keep comparing dc to marvel as I personally believe that as superhero movies continue they would also get more scrutinised especially by those that don't like them and therefore they would be compared more and more.

Tell me what you think about all I've written in the comments.


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