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I was thinking about the Iron Man movies and their corresponding villains. It was a conversation with some friends. During it, I realized something quite interesting. Let's have a look and see if you can figure out what they all have in common.

Here we have Obadiah Stane, the guy who basically raised Tony. In the first Iron Man, he discovers the first prototype of Tony's suit in the desert and builds a bigger version of his own. It has freezing problems though that Tony solved in later prototypes, and ultimately that's how Tony beats Obadiah.

Ah Whiplash. The villain in the second Iron Man movie. In the sequel, the government wants to take the Iron Man technology. Tony doesn't like the sound of that idea, so he battles it all while dealing with declining health due to the arc reactor. Ivan Vanko, a Russian scientist, develops technology all on his own to battle the Stark family along with Justin Hammer. Vanko blows up his suit in a grand finale.

Aldrich Killian. A disabled scientist, he invented a serum to heal extreme injuries. However, it's discovered that Extremis has some pretty serious side effects. It turns people into living bombs basically. Pepper Potts kills Killian.

Now it's time for us to play 'what do these villains have in common?' Any ideas? I'll give you a hint. THEIR PLOTS ALL CENTERED AROUND WEAPONIZED TECHNOLOGY.

I'll say, Tony. I'm with you there. It goes further than that though, so hear me out. Often, the weaponized technology was sparked by Tony Stark's own inventions. Heck, in the first two movies they even have the arc reactor and look so similar to the Iron Man suits you're bound to notice it. This brings an interesting question to mind: can they come up with an original villain for Iron Man? They brought in Mandarin for a small appearance in the last movie, but he was just a character who was a method actor. Hardly villainous.

While it's nice to give Iron Man some foils to his technology, it might work better if they were to look more closely at his other villains in the comics. Ghost, for example, would have a nice tie-in to the movies. A villain with intangibility, Ghost eventually goes straight and joins Luke Cage's Thunderbolts. Another option to create a new villain would be to look at the other Avengers and their powers. They could make someone with Black Widow's prowess with martial arts, for example.

What do you think? Should they come up with a creative villain? Do you have an idea? Do you think I have a point with all this or am I wrong? Tell me all this in the comments!


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