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Gorgeous and ageless queen Jennifer Lopez stopped by The Wendy Williams Show yesterday to spill beans about her new Las Vegas Show. And, as a bonus, also threw some serious shade towards Mariah Carey.

Doing her field research, J. Lo apparently spent time checking out the competition (i.e. other residencies such as Britney Spears's 'Piece of Me') in Vegas before committing to the show - she did not, however, go to see Mariah.

To which Wendy Williams countered, 'Who?'

Of course she knows who Mariah Carey is, Williams was referencing that awkward moment when the singer had claimed not to know who J Lo was, despite the fact they've met a number of times.

The pair apparently have a long-running feud and, while J. Lo gave a seemingly civil response, it was laced with some serious shade.

Watch the interview below:


Are you Team J. Lo or Team Mariah?

Source: Buzzfeed


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