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[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is fast approaching, heralding a new era of DC movies. With Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman up next, many fans are wondering how these films all fit together, and the prevalent theory is that Suicide Squad is actually a prequel to Batman v Superman.

Well, you can wave goodbye to that idea! Zack Snyder has a "secret board" in his office with an elaborate DCEU timeline.

Entertainment Weekly caught a glimpse of it in their latest issue, and now we have a better idea of exactly how all these films fit together!

'Suicide Squad' Happens After BvS

Which actually makes a lot more sense than the secret prequel theory, prompted by Batman's appearance in the first Suicide Squad trailer...

...put this together with the Joker's threats to Batman in the Batman v Superman trailer and there seems to be an odd chronology of events.

"Another trick of assembling these films is to make sure casual moviegoers are kept oriented about the timeline. So on that secret board in Snyder’s office, it’s clear: Suicide Squad takes place after the events in BvS."

There you have it folks! It really can't get clearer than that. Of course other theories about Suicide Squad could still be true, like the fact that Batman was the one to incarcerate most of the members of Task Force X.

We'll just have to wait until Suicide Squad's release in August to find out. But for now, there's just one film which takes place before Dawn of Justice...

'Wonder Woman' Is A Prequel... Kinda

With its World War I setting, of course Wonder Woman takes place before Batman v Superman. But many fans theorized that there would be some modern scenes too, to explain how Diana became the hero we meet in Dawn of Justice.

Wonder Woman in her solo movie (2017)
Wonder Woman in her solo movie (2017)

So were these present day scenes going to be before Batman v Superman, or after?

"The Wonder Woman movie, while largely set in 1918 during World War I, will be framed by “present day” bookends that also take place after BvS. Meanwhile, BvS includes teases about what that upcoming movie will reveal about Wonder Woman’s past."

Fans have already pondered the possibility of something tragic happening in Diana's past, which lead her to want to retire from hero work, and this might be the focus of her solo movie.

Wonder Woman definitely has an interesting story in this new DCEU timeline: she poses as a nurse in her solo movie, but Batman v Superman will show another side to the hero...

"For most of the movie we see her as alter-ego Diana Prince – a glamorous covert agent, working only for herself, who runs afoul of Bruce Wayne as they engage in rival missions to steal some of Luthor’s most disconcerting secrets. She’s not like a Bond girl – more like James Bond himself."

Glamorous secret agent Diana Prince? Heck yes, this sounds awesome.

Secret agent Diana Prince in BvS
Secret agent Diana Prince in BvS

It'll be really interesting to find these "teases" about Diana's backstory in Batman v Superman, but it seems that her role in the film will be awesome regardless of what secrets Wonder Woman's solo movie holds.


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