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There was a lot of action in episode 12 of The Walking Dead 'Not Tomorrow Yet,' however among all of that there was also some real inner turmoil for one character in particular – Carol Peletier.

After her difference in opinion with Morgan, Carol seems to be internalizing some big stuff. After mistakingly shooting the Alpha Wolf in episode 9 she seems to be having a sort of identity crisis, even going as far to write down a list of all the humans she's ever killed, which is apparently 18.

But, how good is Carol's memory? After all, she's been living in this post-apocalyptic world for sometime now, and doing grizzly things has now become a way of life – it might be quite hard to remember every gory act you've committed. Below I've listed as many of Carol's kills as I can possible find from the entire The Walking Dead series, and then compared them to whether or not Carol included them in her list from episode 12 'Not Tomorrow Yet.' Just how good was Carol's math? Take a look and find out:


Was Carol correct? No

Carol didn't include her husband's name on the list, which at first made sense, but after seeing Ryan's initial (see below) it was a little confusing. Carol's abusive husband Ed was actually killed by walkers, however it was Carol who stabbed him (repeatedly with a pick-ax) to prevent him from reanimating.


Was Carol correct? Yes

Back at the very beginning of Season 4 Carol stabbed the father of Mika and Lizzie, Ryan Samuels, after he was bitten by walkers who had invaded the prison. Technically Ryan already died due to his injuries, but Carol's stabbing prevented him from reanimating.

"K" and "D"

Was Carol correct? Yes

During Season 4 of the show an epidemic swept through the prison, and in order to keep everyone else safe Carol murdered the ill Karen and David, dragging their bodies into the courtyard and setting them on fire. After Rick discovered that it was Carol who had killed the pair she was banished from the prison, only rejoining the group in the Season 5 premiere after she saved the majority of the group from Terminus.


Was Carol correct? Yes.

In one of the most brutal scenes of the entire series, Carol shot and killed the young, but mentally unstable, Lizzie. Sure Lizzie had just murdered her own sister, and was prepared to do the same to baby Judith, but she also a very traumatized kid, and given that Carol's own daughter died earlier on the apocalypse this was especially intense.

"Terminus/Courtyard 3?"

Carols shoots down two Termites
Carols shoots down two Termites

Was Carol correct? Kind of/Yes.

We only saw Carol directly kill two termites in the courtyard area of Terminus when she blasted down two snipers. However we could round that up to three if we include the girl wearing Daryl's poncho who was eaten alive as a direct result of Carol blasting open the fences of Terminus.

"CandleWoman 4"

Was Carol correct? No

There's no doubt that the only onscreen kill made by Carol inside the memorial/candle room at Terminus was Mary. Carol shoots Mary in the leg, and then left the door open allowing the injured Mary to be eaten alive by walkers. Now, it's totally possible that Carol killed more people in the vicinity but if she did, we didn't see it onscreen.

"Ws 7"

Was Carol correct? No.

First of all Carol kills a Wolf named Aphid and steals his clothing to make her disguise, then she kills a Wolf who is preparing to fight Morgan. En route to the armory Carol shoots and kills three more Wolves, and eventually kills a fourth after she chases Carol to the armory. At the armory she also shoots another Wolf in the back, though it's unclear if he dies. After leaving the armory Carol then shoots and kills another Wolf who had been tied up by Morgan and Gabriel. Finally, Carol shoots a final Wolf while he's in the middle of chopping up a dead Alexandrian.

By my count that's at least 8, but probably 9 dead Wolves given that Carol shot the ninth Wolf in the back – surely not an easy injury to come back from.


Was Carol correct? No

Carol didn't even write this one down, which is odd considering Erin's death was sort of in the same vein as Ryan's. After watching the Wolf named Aphid cut open Erin's stomach, Carol first kills the World and then cradles a dying Erin, eventually putting a knife through the base of her skull to end her suffering.

Alpha Wolf

Was Carol correct? No

Carol also didn't write this death down, which is odd considering it was obviously one that profoundly affected her. After shooting before she fully took in the whole situation, Carol ended up sealing the Alpha Wolf's fate, though luckily he used his dying moments to save Denise.

Carol's total: 18

Moviepilot's total: 20

So it seems as though Carol may not have as good a memory as she thinks. Firstly it's a little odd that she would include Ryan in her tally, but not Ed considering she killed neither, but put down both of them. It also seems as though her count is off in regards to the "CandleWoman," though I guess it is possible that she killed a further three others offscreen aside from Mary, or perhaps she's including the fatalities caught up in the blast from when the propane tank exploded. However where Carol really sells herself short is the Wolf count: Carol definitely killed at least eight Wolves, but probably nine in total. She also totally left out Erin and the Alpha Wolf.

And, what about Sam, Ron and Jessie Andersen? Obviously Carol feels terrible about Sam's death – leaving a cookie at his grave, but perhaps she doesn't realize just what an impact she had on the young boys mental state and therefore didn't think she had anything to do with their deaths.

But whatever the math is, by looking at these numbers one thing is for certain: Carol is one hell of an apocalypse survivor.

'The Walking Dead' returns with episode 13 on Sunday, March 13 on AMC.

Has Carol become TOO ruthless?


Source: The Walking Dead Wikia


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