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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Ten years after the first High School Musical movie premiered, Disney is finally getting its head in the game once again. As I'm sure all you fellow fans have heard, High School Musical 4 is officially happening and the search for the new cast is ON.

A press release dropped by the House of Mouse on Tuesday revealed that the fourth film in the series will introduce new East High Wildcats and their cross-town school rivals, the West High Knights. Although none of the original cast members are set to appear, producers are looking for five new leads to take their place.

Since Disney has been so kind as to provide us with detailed descriptions of the main characters, we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to cast the roles ourselves. Here is our ultimate High School Musical 4 fan casting.

Erin - Dove Cameron

A badass soccer player who strives for excellence—and the only girl on the boys’ team. She starts falling for the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, but isn’t sure whether to follow her heart.

Dove is pretty much a perfect choice for Erin. Not only does she have experience playing tomboy Maddie on Disney Channel original series, Liv and Maddie, she can sing too! Following several successful promotional singles for both Liv and Maddie and Descendants: Wicked World, she is now working on her first studio album.

Derek - Ryan McCartan

The aforementioned bad boy who falls for Erin, is tough on the surface but a soft-hearted family guy at his core. He's an excellent soccer player and incredible dancer who teaches dance classes to little girls at his family's studio.

Another Liv and Maddie alum, Ryan is Dove's love interest both on- and offscreen - could we have another Zanessa on our hands?! As if we needed any more proof that these two are destined for the leading roles, they also sing together in a band called 'The Girl and the Dreamcatcher'! Watch their first music video below and tell me these two couldn't be the next leading lovebirds!

Campbell - Ross Lynch

Troy Bolton 2.0—super hot soccer captain and theater star who also happens to be Sharpay and Ryan Evans' cousin. He decides that he wants to date Erin, and isn't too happy when she wants to be with Derek instead.

High School Musical would be the third Disney movie for Ross who has already appeared in both Teen Beach movies, as well as starred in his own show, Austin & Ally. Just look at him! He's got that perfect concoction of blonde hair, tanned skin and dazzling smile that could easily make him the next high school heartthrob. He's a singer, songwriter and musician too.

Nathalie - Bella Thorne

East High's biggest fan, a loyal, outgoing cheerleader and big-hearted BFF to Erin.

Bella is a pretty hot topic at the moment. Following her leading role as CeCe Jones in Shake It Up!, she seems to be moving on to bigger and better things, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't make a perfect casting for this charitable cheerleader. We know she can sing, we know she can dance, and she would add a certain sprinkling of star quality to this cast of otherwise fairly fresh faces. Check out her duet with Zendaya in Shake It Up! below:

Tamara - Zendaya

East High's former queen bee, a cheer squad member attempting to climb back up the social ladder and reclaim all the attention for herself.

Zendaya has totally got all of the credentials to be a queen bee. As well as starring in her own show on the Disney channel, she also placed as runner up on the sixteenth season of Dancing With the Stars, has a gorgeous voice as showcased during her time on Shake It Up! and is a member of Taylor Swift's girl posse, appearing as Cut-Throat in her music video for 'Bad Blood'.

Who would be in your ultimate cast?


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