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2016 so far has been a pretty big year for Hollywood golden boy Leonardo DiCaprio. Kicking things off to a great start in February by finally bagging an Oscar for his portrayal of frontiersman Hugh Glass in The Revenant, the actor has since been making solid progress on his long quest to fight climate change.

After meetings with Pope Francis and speaking at the UN, Leo is now mere days away from holding another important conversation regarding the imminent threat to our planet. At Barack Obama's South By South Lawn festival this weekend, not only will he talk to the president in a bid to spark action, but he'll also screen his new documentary Before The Flood on the South Lawn of the White House.

Check out the trailer below:

DiCaprio's efforts — both on-and-off screen — have hit headlines since he was but a young '90s dreamboat, so you'd think you'd know all there is to know about the 41-year-old actor by now, right? Wrong.

Here are 10 DiCaprio facts you probably didn't know:

1. He's Basically Kate Winslet's Father

It's common knowledge that Winslet and Leo are still super close, but did you know that in 2012 Leo gave Kate away at her wedding to Ned Rocknroll? Apparently not even her parents were aware of the nuptials!

2. His Oscar Win Almost Broke The Internet

His first ever Oscar win for The Revenant generated 440,000 tweets per minute, making it the most-tweeted Oscar moment of all time.

3. He's A Peachy-Keen Jelly Bean

Leo might look like he's lived the wild life, but apparently he's never taken drugs in his life. For The Wolf Of Wall Street he had to be taught how to act high by drug experts.

4. A Titanic Gesture

On discovering that Millvina Dean, the last remaining survivor of the Titanic, had been forced to sell her memorabilia to pay for her care home, Leo and Kate set up a trust fund so she'd never have to worry about her future again.

Aww, you guys!

5. Save Don's Plum!

In 2001 he starred in a movie called Don's Plum. However, you'd be forgiven for not knowing that, seeing as Leo has banned the film from airing in Canada and the US — seemingly because it depicts him as being a bit of an asshole.

You can petition for the film's release here.

6. He Bale'd On 'American Psycho'

To accommodate Leo's $20 million paycheck, Lionsgate was prepared to quadruple American Psycho's budget! Luckily for Christian Bale, Leo pulled out of the project in favor of The Beach.

7. He Was Given This Sobering Lesson From Samuel L. Jackson

During Django Unchained Leo had to take a timeout because he felt uncomfortable using so many racial slurs. Jackson pulled him aside and said, "Mother fucker, this is just another Tuesday for us."

8. His Name Has An Arty Origin

According to reports, when Leo was in utero, his parents were gazing at a Leonardo Da Vinci portrait in Florence, Italy when the bub-to-be first kicked. His father took it as a cosmic sign.

9. It's Not Every Day You Meet A Girl Who'll Flash You...

...To break the ice. When Kate and Leo first meet on the set of Titanic, she flashed him to remove any potential awkwardness in the upcoming nude scene!

10. He's An Eco Warrior

Because Leo is a good egg and cares about the environment, around a decade ago he bought Blackadore Caye, an island in Belize that was suffering from over-fishing and deforestation. In 2018 it will open the world's first eco-conscious luxury resort.


How many of these Leo facts did you know?

Source: Imgur, IMDB


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