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House of Cards is back for the stellar fourth season. This year it is as much Donald vs. Hillary as it is Frank vs. Claire. While it is still up in the air who will get their foot in the door of The White House, House of Cards's Frank Underwood well and truly has his feet on the desk. But could Trump's manifesto do with some HoC tweaking? Here's how it could look if he took a leaf out of Frank Underwood's book. Check out the best House of Cards quotes below.

Who his idol is

His sex life aged 69

Or a poorly placed toupée

On Child Welfare

His relationship with Ivanka

How he stays in shape

How to unwind after a day at Trump Tower

His views on Obama

On having three wives

How he spent his last holiday

How to win voters

Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Etiquette when attending his rallies

His views on bondage

His time on The Apprentice

And finally, what it is like to be worth $4 billion?

I don't know about you, but with these power quotes under his belt, pretty sure Trump would win by a landslide. In the meantime catch House of Cards on Netflix and see the Underwoods in all their political glory. F.U. 2016 - four more years.


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