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Now on DVD and VOD, Deadly Famous tells of... oh, who cares! It has Eric Roberts in it playing a coke-snorting variation on himself whose aware that most of his past movies sucked! SOLD!

We spoke to the films directors Jim Lane and Eric Troop about working with the legendary Oscar nominee (go rent Runaway Train again, kids!) on what's unarguably a really unique horror movie.

If you had to name two movies you believe Deadly Famous most resembles what would they be?

Psycho meets Audition

The movie is a horror film as its core but it also possesses a message. What might you say that is?

Always kick the tires before you buy it. A lot of people get hurt by predators that love to exploit their dreams. It's so easy to sell yourself as an expert in Hollywood.

Was the story a personal one at all – if even certain elements of it?

Yes, but that's personal.

Do we dare ask : Was anyone in the film based on real-life people?

This is based on the many grown child actors we have known. They are a unique twisted bunch. This combined with a series of murders that are still unsolved involving body parts found in the hills, actresses gone missing.

How did you get distribution for the movie? Did the film get festival screenings beforehand?

We sent it directly to distributors, and found Indican had the right attitude and love of our work. We were turned down by Cannes! What the hell were they thinking?

We may enter a few horror festivals soon.


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