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New Images of Mass Effect Andromeda's new lead character has surfaced online this week as an apparent BioWare artist reveals their new protagonist!

BioWare are great at keeping things a secret - until now. The new images give us a much more detailed look into the character who has been dubbed "Pathfinder".

The series is set to say goodbye to the much loved Commander Shepard and give way to an all new protagonist – Pathfinder. These latest images were posted online to ZBrushCentral, a website where graphic designers, artists and 3D modellers can display their work.

According to the caption attached, the images were posted by senior character artist Furio Tedeschi from BioWare Montreal. Strange because someone so senior would, or should know better than to leak confidential IP online.

“Our Pathfinder character model at BioWare Montreal… for Mass Effect Andromeda,” - Tedeschi attached to the image.

What we know

The new game will have a heavy emphasis on exploration; the future of humanity's existence is dependent on our new Pathfinder. A brilliant opportunity for BioWare to spread their creative wings and for players to form new bonds with a new protagonist.

Looking at the new Pathfinders suit, we see that the character is an N7 operative - meaning that they will be no pushover. N7 soldiers or Commanders are the toughest of the tough - the best of the best. N7 is the highest rank achievable in the Alliance's Special Forces.

The character will be fully customisable - sticking with Mass Effect tradition, players will be able to choose if they want Pathfinder to be male or female.

If rumours are to be believed - and most of the time they are not - BioWare have opted to name the character, 'Ryder'. Again this fits in with BioWare's traditional generic character labelling. Dragon Age's 'Champion of Kirkwall' or ‘Inquisitor’, for example.

Mass Effect Andromeda's release date has been pushed back from late 2016 to Q1 2017, according to a statement made by EA CFO Blake Jorgensen at the Morgan Stanley’s Technology, Media & Telecom Conference.

This next instalment of Mass Effect promises to be the biggest and most expansive Mass Effect title yet. We push on without the support of Commander Shepard but gain the knowledge and experience of the Pathfinder.

It is time to forge our own legacy out there - this is one title you are not going to want to miss!

What do you want from the next instalment of Mass Effect?


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