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Simmer down, simmer down, children. Recently the Internet regressed to the level of the average Republican debate this week, going berserk at the “intergalactic” and “absurd” price point of No Man’s Sky.

“But a small team made this game!” they screamed into the void, desperately hoping for a response. What response this would be exactly, I’m still not entirely sure. But one thing’s clear: people are mad at No Man’s Sky being priced at $60, and they’re all wrong.

Allow me to set the scene for you: You’ve gone into the average clothing store, looking to (obviously) purchase an item of clothing. You find an appropriate item within the store. You bring it to the counter. You ask how much it is. Somewhat taken aback by the price, you ask how many children contributed to the making of this specific item within the sweatshop overseas.

“One child?! One child made this, and you’re asking me for $60 for it?!” you scream at the bewildered store assistant, hoping desperately to find an argument that’ll justify the outlandish price point of this specific item. Enraged, you storm out of the shop, making your opinion loudly known to everyone you pass on the way.

Would you do this? Of course you wouldn’t. And it’s this same logic that many on the Internet are currently using to bombard Hello Games, the developers of No Man’s Sky. The fact that the “tiny” team is being used as a reason not to pay full price for a game is utterly ridiculous.

What if you found out that The Witcher 3, or Bloodborne, or Metal Gear Solid V were all actually made by tiny teams in secret, remote bases around the world over the course of dozens of years? Would you demand your money back for these 100+ hour experiences in beautiful, open worlds? You wouldn’t, and that’s exactly what Hello Games is currently promising us with No Man’s Sky.

In addition to the utter nonsense that my eyes have been forced to endure over the past few days, there’s also the addition of the fact that some “armchair experts” on Twitter have decided to try and dictate what the actual price for No Man’s Sky should be.

You read that right. A person who hasn’t, nor will have anything to do with the development of a product, is attempting to dictate how much that product should cost the public. Do they know coding? Do they know of the often strenuous development process of the average big budget game? Don’t be silly, of course they don’t.

Yet, they’re looking for literally any reason to tear down [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052)from the pedestal on which it currently stands. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m somewhat hesitant about the actual game myself, primarily because we STILL don’t know what we actually do within the darn thing.

But this is no reason to prevent a game from being priced at the full $60. And, as I often like to remind everyone, no one is actually forcing you to buy No Man’s Sky. This isn’t the hostage situation from Olympus Has Fallen, where cartoon villains will hold a gun to your head and force you to carry out an action for them. You’re under no pressure whatsoever to purchase No Man’s Sky.

“But it’s an indie game!” they cry, attempting to salvage an argument worth making. Listen, you cretins, explain to me what an actual indie game is. What’s that you say? It’s a game without a publisher, or heavy financial backing? Well, you might want to do your homework, son, because No Man’s Sky has both of those things in abundance.

Firstly, the game has taken years upon years to make, and that’s simply not possible without a third party backing you financially. Otherwise, how do you pay for your office space to develop the game in, or the bills, or the food on your table, or the water from your tap? Hello Games couldn’t have undertaken the development of this game without a serious financial backer, and that’s a fact.

Secondly, No Man’s Sky actually has a publisher. And that publisher would be a tiny little company called Sony. Maybe you’ve heard of them, they make this thing called the PlayStation, the game console on which No Man’s Sky will be a console exclusive.

And there you have it. The definitive guide to how not to get utterly outraged at the sound of No Man’s Sky, a product fully out of your control, being priced at $60.

And on that note, sit back, relax, grab a drink, and watch the sun set on another day in which your outrage over a video game has yielded no Earth-shattering effects on civilization.

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