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Now, if there's one form of artwork that you can be all-but certain that Captain America would gently disapprove of, it's tattoo art. Despite coming from an era in which tattooed body art was a common occurrence among military men - and not as uncommon as many think among the general population - it remains the sort of mildly counter-cultural activity that it's easy to imagine Cap being ever-so-slightly unsettled by.

Which is, of course, all the more reason to look at the superhero-themed tattoo art below. After all, Cap's never more adorable than when he's mildly befuddled by something. And so, let's all revel in the fact that...

This Superhero Tattoo Art is Unsurprisingly Awesome

All the way from...

Ant-Man and the Hulk - To Scale


Actual Comic-Book Strip-Style Art

...through to...

Some Unlikely Yellow Cameos


An Incredible Symbiote-Inspired Look

...and, of course...

The One Kind of Tattoo Cap Might Actually Get Behind

...all of which...kind of just make me want to re-watch the entire MCU back catalog.

Nicely played, awesome tattoo artists. Nicely played...

What do you reckon, though?


Do you think Cap would get a tattoo?

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