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So with the latest trend of nostalgia in Hollywood I figured I would give my review of High School musical 4 and all the media has released about it. It is said to be a story of a love triangle between; Erin, soccer star who falls for a bad boy, Derek, the bad boy with warm insides and dance skills, and Campbell who is the apparent Troy 2.0.

Campbell from what I have read is Sharpay and Evan's cousin who wants to be with Erin and doesn't like that Derek wants her too. Now to start off I would like to say this has nothing to do with musicals, so far. And that to me is a little disappointing. I wouldn't have bothered calling this High School Musical 4 anyway because of the non existent love triangle in the previous movies, adding one to me just makes things more dramatic then they need to be.

Up until now I have quietly dealt with and even enjoyed the potential remakes, like Fuller house, Girl Meets World, and the Incredibles 2 as well as Finding Dory to be released this year. All I have to say is Hollywood there is a limit to bringing back the past and you might be taking it a bit too far. Much love from the Luc and thanks for reading my thoughts on this movie moment.


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