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Batman v Superman is almost here, but Marvel's Daredevil is just two weeks away from appearing on Netflix! Sorry Frank Miller, but this is easily one of the most anticipated events to come out of 2016 (bold statement, I think not). I remember watching it last year and thinking 'this is everything I want out of a superhero show.' Great action, awesome villain, light comedy, and the feeling I can't wait until Season 2!

I don't exactly know how Netflix's scheduling works, but Daredevil came out on April 10, 2015 and maybe I'm just a cynical person thinking they're in competition with BvS (I don't think so). There were already reviews praising the new season after Netflix previewed the first seven episodes for critics. Anyways, here are eight things that I want to see in Season 2!

1. Mention Or SHOW Jessica Jones

Netflix's Jessica Jones/Marvel
Netflix's Jessica Jones/Marvel

I know that Luke Cage's debut season will come out in the fall, but they better show Ms. Jones some love this season on Daredevil. She's as tough as titanium and one of the funniest characters I've seen recently on television. She checked all my boxes for what I want in a show and this Marvel Netflix Universe needs to show that they're leading up to The Defenders. I personally would love to see a brawl between Jessica and Matthew/Elektra in Hell's Kitchen because it would be grand!

2. The Punisher Keeps On Punishin'

Okay, the reviews say that Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle is exactly what we want in our Punisher in Marvel's MCU (casting Shane from The Walking Dead, was super smart, but will Jon ever be the nice guy? NO)! So, how do we want the story to end for Mr. Castle? Definitely not in a blaze of glory, but he still moves on to kill greener pastures in the future.

I thought I was excited for Luke Cage and Iron Fist, but I would be way more excited to see Frank Castle in his own series. Netflix must come to grips with the fact that the majority of people will want a Punisher series and they should expect whole lotta b*tchin' after the premiere, if something is not announced (I feel like they're teasing us)!

3. They Can't KILL Elektra

Blast you Frank Miller, the reviews say that she is as much of a sociopath as she is lethal! That's awesome and makes me super excited to see what havoc she'll bring down on Hell's Kitchen. Why would Netflix emulate one of the worst comic book movies of all time by killing her at the end, just for shock value? I really hope they don't and remember, the critics only received the first seven episodes! I really want to see her in an actual movie because she's something completely different from what we usually see, but with Bog Iger's comments on R'ness in the MCU (sounds like I am describing the ferociousness of a pirate), this is only a pipe dream!

4. Matt Shoots The Punisher

Matt and Frank have a cup of tea, while he's chained to a chimney arguing the merits of murdering gangsters! He gives Matthew the choice of stopping him, or letting him murder his intended target. Matt shoots and all we hear are clicks and this will mess with Matt's head to the core.

5. Let's See Wilson Fisk In Court Fisk vs. Murdock/Nelson

With the recent news of Wilson Fisk seen on set, walking from one of the trailers, one must assume that it will be court-related. This most likely will be a civil suit against the Kingpin if Murdock's crew is in the courtroom. I would love to see this happen and I doubt he'll escape with everything else going on in the season. At the same time, you must wonder if Madame Gao might help him out?

6. Luke Cage And Jessica Jones Will Help Matty Out Against The Hand

Yes, this is totally wishful thinking from a fanboy! Everything is too much to handle for Mr. Murdock, and Claire suggests that she knows a couple of badasses that might help (because it's not his city anymore and why the hell not)! Okay, Netflix will probably save this one for the novelty of The Defenders, but I didn't mention Iron Fist!

7. Foggy stops acting like a cliché boyfriend/girlfriend and accept Matt's Daredevil

I don't know if it's just me, but if my best friend were the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, I be like hellz yeah! I understand that he's worried about Matt's safety, but players gonna play! I just want him to be that funny sidekick we all know that he's destined to become!

8. Elektra Kills Karen

I like Karen Page and I think she will flourish into an even more interesting character by the end of the season. That what will make Elektra's betrayal so much sweeter and start Daredevil's path on his bad romances. I just hope, she doesn't kill her out of jealousy and instead she's actually trying to make a point. Her and Matt will fight The Hand and when he refuses to head off into the sunset with her to battle enemies (not for romantic reasons), she shows him that maybe Foggy was right (do I need to change my last entry)? Living this life will have extreme consequences for anyone that he's involved with and since he's basically a human, there's not much he can do.


How excited are you to see Elektra, Daredevil, and The Punisher possibly go against The Hand? The two trailers that were release on Netflix's YouTube page made me think for a second about how truly excited I am for Batman v Superman (I am still super excited). This looks like we're going to get a lot of action and some interesting moral dilemmas in this season. Is it March 18th all ready?

Daredevil Season 2 premieres on Netflix on March 18th!


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