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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

On The Big N's latest Japan-specific Nintendo Direct, the legendary devs and hardware makers pulled a heavily nostalgic and mind-blowing treat out of their finely lined hats, and touted it around like it wasn't even a thing -- a special edition New 3DS XL.

You might think "well, Nintendo are always casting out themed 3DS to snare us." And you'd be right, but this... this is honestly glorious and has fans of vintage gaming firmly covered.

This April, for a measly 21,600 yen (roughly $190), you can get your hands on this Super Famicom (Super NES) themed New 3DS XL.

Look at it:

As you can see, the SNES 3DS XL has the colour scheme on lock, and even has the old buttons on the shell. This thing is incredible, but, unfortunately for us, there's been absolutely no word on whether this will be hitting Western shores. Though if it were to hit North America, it would be a lot more purple and edgy. Like literally edgy, look at those edges!

I want one, now.

What about you?

(Source: Nintendo JP)


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