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Netflix has now increased the total count of VPN services on its block list and more users are losing access to their accounts.

Netflix Inc. announced in the beginning of this year that it would start an operation against users who are involved in geo dodging activities to access the services. It clearly mentioned on several occasions that it does not appreciate the use of VPN service hence it will start blocking users to put a stop to it. The foundation of this cat and mouse game started when the company announced its expansion in the Australian region. The Australian News reported then that more than 340,000 users subscribed to Netflix’s services prior to its launch in the country.

This was merely done to get hands on the far superior US content which has a huge library when compared to other region’s catalogue. It is not totally on Netflix to limit an online movie or TV show to selected regions. The decision is up to the content license owners and Hollywood movie studio. Late last year, the streaming giant was immensely pressurized by the content owners to stop this increasing trend of accessing other region’s content. This is when the company decided to stat blocking users and so far, it is successful.

Regardless of what it does, VPN service companies are determined that this will not continue forever. Many analysts agree with the fact and they believe that the victory for streaming service provider will be temporary. These services will find a way to work around the blockade.

Streaming subscribers expressed rage on social media forums and it was not only targeted towards the streaming giant but the VPN services as well who are temporarily on the block list of Netflix. Various ‘annoyed’ users asked for the refund of their subscription fees from the VPN services. They said that there is no use to stick around with them if they are unable to access other region’s content on Netflix.

Last month, Netflix blocked more VPN services and users to show that it will keep on fighting. On the other hand, many users are disappointed to see that 90% of the content is not available for their region.

Furthermore, hundreds of streaming viewers from different countries of Europe including Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom complained on a thread that they have also lost access to their accounts on Netflix since the company decided to add the VPN service on the block list.

For some users, it is not only about the content at all. Many foreigners living abroad are frustrated because they cannot choose their desired subtitles for their native language.


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