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After nearly 3 years of waiting, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is almost here. With only a handful of days remaining till the movie opens, thousands of fans across the world are getting hyped up for this face-off between the two greatest superheroes of all time.

If for some reason, you are not feeling the hype, here is a list of 9 things why you should be looking forward to this movie!

9. Inception of the DC Extended Universe

Although the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) officially took off with Man of Steel, this is the movie that is going to kickstart the DCEU with a bang. With the introduction of Batman, the universe got MUCH bigger real quick. This movie will also pave the way for Wonder Woman, as well as Justice League Part 1. It will also serve as an introduction to other League members including Flash, Aquaman, and possibly Cyborg through cameos and references, with a possible tease towards the villain of Justice League Part 1.

8. The Batmobile and the Batwing

This vehicle looks beautiful. An amalgamation of the Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy and the Batmobile from Batman (1989), this version consists of a massive canon mounted in the front. It also looks to be faster and more manoeuvrable than any previous edition of the Batmobile. It also looks sleeker and more threatening, with machine guns and all other sorts of weaponry loaded on the vehicle.

The Batwing, on the other hand, looks like an extremely modern drone, also equipped with machine guns. An interesting feature about this Batwing is that it can be remotely controlled by Alfred from Batman's base of operations, the Batcave.

7. Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL

Two of the greatest composers alive have worked on the soundtrack for this film. With a resume which includes movies like Gladiator, Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Deadpool, Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL are surely going to bring something new and exciting to the movie. This soundtrack, based on the official previews, appears to be packed with action, fun, and emotion, with some bits which sound like they belong in a horror movie. I've never seen (heard) such a variety of styles in music within one film since The Lord of the Rings!

6. Consequences and accountability of superhuman activity

One major criticism against Man of Steel was the amount of destruction during the movie. About half of Metropolis was destroyed during the battle. If you were one of those who had an issue with that - good news! Batman v Superman is all about the consequences and accountability of superhuman activity, and will be dealing with the after-effects of the Battle of Metropolis. For the first time, we'll see what it actually means to be a superhero, and the struggles it could lead to. Captain America: Civil War, which comes out later this year, will also deal with a similar situation.

5. Lex Luthor

With Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Now You See Me) portraying the role of the genius, egomaniac, arch-nemesis of Superman, it looks like we're about to see his twisted side like we've never seen before. Eisenberg looks to be bringing something new to the table with a modern day take on Lex Luthor. Supposedly Lex is the one pulling the strings behind the conflict between Batman and Superman, so it will be extremely interesting to see how he manipulates the two of them!

4. Possibly the best live-action interpretation of the Batman

Over the years, we've had various interpretations of Batman, from Michael Keaton/Tim Burton's Batman in 1989, to the critically acclaimed and fan-favourite Dark Knight Trilogy by Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan (I like to pretend that Batman Forever and Batman and Robin never happened). However, if the trailers indicate anything, Ben Affleck's Batman will be the best one yet.

His fighting style looks like it has been ripped out of the pages of a comic book, with a chilling similarity to the Arkham games. This Batman is more experienced and ruthless, and shows no mercy to his enemies. Hopefully this version will also focus on the "World's Greatest Detective" side of Batman as well.

3. Live-action debut of Wonder Woman

After over 75 years of comic-book history, this movie will feature another historic event: the live-action debut of Wonder Woman, the third member of the Trinity (which also features Batman and Superman). With the Wonder Woman movie coming out next year, this is the perfect time to introduce one of the biggest badass female characters in the DC Universe.

2. Zack Snyder's visuals

Despite all the hate and criticism he gets, Zack Snyder is one of the best directors in terms of visual effects and fight sequences. With visually stunning and extremely well choreographed movies like 300, Watchmen, and Man of Steel, Snyder is probably one of the best directors to take on the challenge of making this historic meeting between the two heroes a memorable one.

Zack Snyder is also a huge fan of both Batman and Superman, and is known to adapt elements quite faithful to the source material into his films. This movie has been heavily inspired by the Dark Knight Returns comic, particularly the fight between Batman and Superman, so expect to see the comic book come to life on the big screen!

1. Batman v Superman

The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. Black and Blue. God versus Man. Day versus Night! Son of Krypton, versus Bat of Gotham!

Obviously, the main reason why all of us going to watch this movie - the clash between two of the most popular and well-known fictional characters in cinematic history: Batman and Superman. One of them is a god walking amongst men, the other one is a man amongst gods. This epic fight between two titans of the DC Universe will definitely be a spectacle worth watching! Combines with a Dark Knight Returns style inspired armour and equipped with plenty of gadgets and tricks up his sleeve, we will finally see the question that fans have been asking for decades: Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman?

Let me know how hyped you are for this movie in the comments section below! If you enjoyed reading, make sure to check out my other works, and please hit the follow button for more content (it will be appreciated)!


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