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The Hitman franchise's ice-cold assassin Agent 47 is one resourceful dude. Sure, Jason Bourne could use a ballpoint pen to fight off his foes, but I could never envision Matt Damon taking a pair of hedge scissors to his enemy's exposed throat.

That's what separates 47 from your run-of-the-mill killers. He'll use anything to get the job done. And by "anything" I mean any one of these supposedly innocuous household objects. The next time you see a toilet plunger, all you'll see is potential.

1. Screwdriver

Appearances: Blood Money, Absolution

Whether you're tightening screws or shredding intestines, the screwdriver is the tool of choice for any handyman-turned-hitman.

2. Hedge Trimmer

Appearance: Blood Money

I can't imagine many fates worse that being carved up by a pair of garden shears, but I also can't deny the improvised weapon's efficiency. Whether it's a tree branch or a human that's proven too invasive, you know what to do.

3. Fire Extinguisher

Appearances: Blood Money, Absolution

Extinguish both fire and foe with this handy health and safety aid! Just make sure the target is properly put out before you're done.

4. Iron

Appearance: Absolution

Doubling up as a heavy metallic object and a lethal scolding device, the iron remains a prime weapon of choice for any creative killer.

5. Rieper 2000 Pro Nail Gun

Appearance: Blood Money

The Rieper 2000 Pro Nail Gun, or Nailer for short, comes equipt to handle all sorts of DIY homicides. Just point and shoot, be it at plank or skull.

6. Bong

Appearance: Absolution

Bring your helpless stoner victims back to reality with a taste of their own medicine.

7. Scissors

Appearance: Absolution

Call me sadistic, but I don't think I'll ever grow tired of Agent 47's scissor execution animation, driving the blades into his enemy's neck and tearing their gullet clean out of their neck. Lovely.

8. Plunger

Appearance: Absolution

Hygiene is a top priority for any self-respecting cleaner, making the plunger a particularly ironic weapon of choice.

9. Hammer

Appearances: Blood Money, Absolution

Hammer down your victims' fate with a clean blow to the head!

The new HITMAN game is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

What's your Hitman weapon of choice?


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