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[Star Wars: Episode VIII](tag:711868) is one of the most eagerly awaited films of the next few years and it's easy to see why, after The Force Awakens left us on such an agonizing cliffhanger. Will Rey train to become a Jedi under Luke Skywalker's tutelage? And will Finn join the Resistance once he recovers? The possibilities are endless, and with two rumored titles already we may have our first clues about the plot...

So which of the titles is true? And what do each of them mean for the Star Wars 8 story?

Tale Of The Jedi Temple

This is the title which Reddit has offered us. While it does sound somewhat like bad fanfic from the 1970s, it might not be far from the truth. Other clues do suggest that Jedi history will play a large role in Star Wars Episode 8, as Luke Skywalker and Rey set off on a quest around the galaxy.

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars 8
Luke Skywalker in Star Wars 8

How do we know about this quest? Short answer is, we don't. But the filming locations for Star Wars Episode 8 are very interesting, and they have one thing in common: they're all historical sites. The Mexico Film Commission revealed to Sopitas that the Star Wars location scouts were looking for ancient caverns in which to film...

"They were interested in caves and the grotto species there. Due to its characteristics they thought they could pretend to be from another planet."

And StarWarsUnderworld recently caught a glimpse of the Star Wars set in Dubrovnik, Croatia's medieval walled city.

The Star Wars set in Dubrovnik
The Star Wars set in Dubrovnik

We saw a lot of new planets in The Force Awakens, but with the exception of Maz Kanata's castle, none of them really evoked the kind of old-world vibe of the Episode 8 locations. Put this together with the rumored title, and this might add up to a plot in which Rey and Luke Skywalker go in search of an ancient Jedi temple. This makes a lot of sense, considering Luke Skywalker's quest to find Jedi relics in the canon comic Shattered Empire. It could be that Luke's final goal is to found a new Jedi Order.

Or, this rumored title could refer to the Jedi temple where Luke trained his old students. You know, the place where Kylo Ren massacred all Luke's students.

Will we see the Jedi temple massacre actually happen on screen? Rey already glimpsed some of it in her vision, so as she trains with Luke and learns more about his past, it's possible that other Force visions will reveal what really happened that day.

If this is true, Star Wars 8 could be somewhat retrospective, explaining Ben Solo's path to the Dark Side. And that's the theme of the second rumored title...

The Order Of The Dark Side

Which again, seems far too wordy to be the real title. But it does harken back to a plot we expect to see in Star Wars Episode 8: Kylo Ren's training and more details about Supreme Leader Snoke's plan.

"Bring Kylo Ren to me. It is time to complete his training."
Snoke commands Kylo Ren
Snoke commands Kylo Ren

There's still a lot we don't know about Snoke's intentions, the Knights of Ren, or the First Order. Kylo Ren's backstory is also shrouded in mystery, though the official Star Wars 7 novel did reveal that Snoke manipulated him from childhood. So the possibilities for this rumored title are very interesting: we could see Kylo Ren descend even further into villainy, discovering who the Knights of Ren really are and whether they have any connection to the Sith.

Apparently, Rian Johnson is taking much darker approach than the other films in the Star Wars saga, as John Boyega hinted to Screenrant...

"It’s great. Much darker, but we’re very excited."

Which means the Episode 8 story could explore the Dark Side in far more depth.

The Knights of Ren
The Knights of Ren

But it's not just about the villains: The Force Awakens novel revealed that Rey was tempted to kill Kylo Ren in their final battle. Will she fall to the Dark Side in Star Wars 8? That would definitely make for a "darker" storyline, and to be honest, Dark Side Rey would be pretty cool.

Of course, there is another rumored title...

Star Wars 8: Space Bear

This is the working title which Carrie Fisher revealed on her Twitter.

Clearly, this means Star Wars 8 is actually set to be a feature length Ewok adventure, and perhaps we'll finally see their long awaited team up with the Wookies!

...or maybe this is just the working title.


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