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So the trailer starts out with some massive nostalgia towards the first film, letting us know that 30 years ago four scientists saved New York.

We see what could be the first iteration of the logo. The Director Paul Feig said that there’s an evolution to the logo. Everything’s got an origin story. And when you look at the logo build at the end of the trailer we see 3 very distinctive pieces being built: First there is a circle, then a circle with a line through it, then the full logo including the ghost in the middle.

The main characters in the beginning are Kristen Wiig, who plays Bill Murray’s character Vinkman, Melissa McCarthy plays Dan Ackroyd’s character Ray, and Kate McKinnon plays Harold Ramos’s genius Egon. Notice that when they start off they have no real equipment to speak of. No proton packs. No PKE meters. Just an old video camera.

Katie Dippold, the writer of the film, says that this scene takes place in a museum, in an old mansion in New York City. The ghost is probably from the large mural on the wall, judging by the red stripes that are on the dress.

Several shots of the laboratory, showing off the newest equipment. The new Ghostbusters featurette goes into some detail about the lab as well. Turns out that Paul Feig didn’t just want to make a bunch of stuff up when it came to the equipment.

He went and hired a Particle Physicist and had him design and implement real world solutions to the Ghostbusters equipment.

They started with the original equipment from the 1980’s Ghostbusters film for the sake of design, then began to literally create a solution out of todays technology to come up with the final design.

He was also responsible for making sure that all of the whiteboards and paperwork thrown around the lab have accurate scientific equations on them.

We get to see lots of equipment in various stages of design and implementation, including handheld guns

as well as possibly a multi-barrel gatling gun kind of device.

The famous Ecto-1 begins as an hearse, and then transforms into the finished vehicle with the license plate being the same as the original film.

Typically movie’s put a standard 555 number in the shot to keep people from dialing up real phone numbers, but they didn’t do that here with Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food Restaurant. I hate Chinese food, but I decided to call up the number anyways and see what happened. Turns out it was a nothing number anyways, as I only got a message saying my phone call couldn’t be completed as dialed. Whatever.

Slimer makes an appearance, and he’s hanging out of a hotdog vendor’s setup just like in the original.

McCarthy gets all wired up in a helmet contraption, reminiscent of the one worn by Rick Moranis, who was being possessed by Vinz Clortho.

We see Chris Hemsworth playing the original character Janine Melnitz, and according to the lego toys, it’s very possible that his character gets possessed.

Look at those scary eyes.

We see a billboard sign on the left that Mimic Ernie Hudson’s line of “That’s a big Twinkie.”

Then in just a few seconds all of the billboards change and we see Billboards for Taxi Driver, The Who's Tommy and Isle of the Snake People released in 1976, 1975 and 1971. It’s Possible that the ghosts mess with the time stream as well as with amplifying paranormal activity in the city.

So what do you guys think? Does the new Ghostbusters have what it takes to take on the old one? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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