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The Film score brings life to the film. They enchant the experience for us. And we can always be brought back to that experience simply by hearing the film score. Anyone who spends time listening to film scores on the web may just find it fascinating that they can also be useful as study music. As if film scores couldn't become any more spectacular. Hopefully after skimming through this list you'll actually look forward towards the next time you study, maybe even studying for that midterm or final coming up. Say..who has midterms coming up shortly? Why not start studying NOW!?

Here's a small selection of familiar and easy-flow film scores that have been considered excellent and relevant for study music.

The film scores presented are not arranged in any particular order.

#10 UP-Married Life

#9 Spider-Man 2 Film score-by Danny Elfman

#8 Interstellar-Cornfield Chase -by Hans Zimmer

#7 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban- The Essential Harry Potter Music Collection-By John Williams

#6 Amelie-by Yann Tiersen.

#5 Lion King Under the Stars - by Hans Zimmer

#4 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Film score(Across the Stars) by John Williams

#3 Twilight Film score- By Carter Burwell

#2 Pride & Prejudice-Film score-by Dario Marianell

#1 Batman, Film score-by Danny Elfman

Whats good about this discovery is that not only do we have an alternative for musoc to listen to, whether is during shifts at work, reading or studying, If you might have any suggestions to add on to this list put it out there! See you in class.


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