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WARNING: MASSIVE spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' episode 12 'Not Tomorrow Yet.' Do not proceed unless you have seen the episode!

Following the brutal mid-season premiere, The Walking Dead had some what of a break from major gore and violence (save for Rick cutting Ethan's throat) in episodes 10 and 11. However after the events of episode 12 we now know that the break in the action was simply to prepare us for the absolutely carnage of 'Not Tomorrow Yet.' And holy crap was the wait worth it, because this week's episode was savage!

'Not Tomorrow Yet' had it all; from heart wrenching moments (that cookie on Sam's grave just about broke me), to character development (Father Gabriel's prayer, anyone?!) and finally to some straight up action. My usual '5 Things You Might Have Missed' article will be up and ready to read soon, but until then, check out the top 4 "oh shit!" moments from episode 12 'Not Tomorrow Yet.'

1. Carol reevaluating

Carol has been through some shit in the apocalypse and it appears that following what happened with her, Morgan and the Alpha Wolf she's really reevaluating herself and the way she's living her life.

After making her list of how many humans she's killed over the course of the apocalypse, it seems like now she's really taking a new stance on whether or not human lives need to be put on the line – especially given how much she argued with Rick and Maggie about whether or not the mother-to-be should be out on the mission with them.

It looks like Carol's at a real crossroads, and given how her situation ended up as the episode came to an end, it'll be interesting to see where Carol goes to from here – if she makes it out alive.

2. The attack on Negan's compound

This. Was. Amazing.

Right from the moment Rick punched the nose of a decapitated walker to make it look more like Gregory, you knew that shit was going to get real. My heart pretty much stopped beating the moment that Andy drove up to the Saviors compound and didn't start again until they walked outside into that field of flowers.

There were so many moments at the Saviors compound that were amazing, but for me the fact that we saw a plan drawn up (literally!) and executed in the same episode was the best – it could have easily have taken one or two episodes for the group to plan their attack and then execute it, but instead they bowled straight on in there and took half the place down. Rockstars of the apocalypse right there, folks.

Obviously the attack is about to have some major repercussions for the gang, but let's just all for a moment remember how awesome it was before it all went pear-shaped.

3. Glenn seeing Lucille's victims

It was a tough episode for Glenn who finally ended his streak and killed not just one, but many humans. However it was what Glenn saw after killing the Saviors that sent comic readers into an absolutely frenzy: pictures of the victims of Lucille.

Lucille, for those that may not know, is what Negan calls his wire-covered baseball bat. In the comics he takes great delight at smashing in heads with this monstrous creation, and in issue 100 of the comic series one of those heads is unfortunately Glenn's.

With episode 11 of the TV series mirroring issues 95 and 96 of the comic series pretty closely, it means we're nearing issue 100, and fans are on the edge of their seats trying to figure out if the show will copy the comics and kill off Glenn.

4. Maggie and Carol being taken hostage

When Maggie and Carol were having their argument in the woods I definitely thought that there was a real possibility for one of them to be bitten by a sneaky walker. I did not, however, think it was a possibility for them to be kidnapped by members of the Saviors.

This is a true spanner in the works for Rick and the gang who could have possibly escaped the remaining Saviors, but who can definitely not leave without trying to get back Glenn's wife and Daryl's best girl. Basically Negan has their nuts in a vice, and it'll be very interesting to see how they negotiate their way out of this one.

'The Walking Dead' returns with episode 13 next Sunday, March 13th on AMC.

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