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Major spoilers for 'The 100,' episode 7 'Thirteen' lie ahead, proceed with caution

This week's episode of The 100: 'Thirteen' saw the show kill off one of its MAJOR and most beloved characters, and fans are absolutely loosing it. Should the show be worried?

It was possibly the biggest twist ever witnessed on a CW show. Truthfully, I never expected it. The CW is known for paying attention to what the fans want, and staying within reason of it, so for them, last nights The 100 completely changed the game. Unfortunately for the show's showrunners, the Twitter-verse aren't letting them get away with it, even throwing around a few death threats.

'Thirteen' brought us the origin of A.L.I.E., her creator Becca, and how A.L.I.E. #2 made it to Earth following the nuclear apocalypse her previous version, A.L.I.E. #1, caused. We finally learned how the world nearly ended the 97 years before Clarke and the 100 returned to the ground. Becca's original version of A.L.I.E. went AWOL, and infiltrated the world's various weapons of mass destruction headquarters, igniting nuclear rockets that would see the end of the United States and world as we knew it.

Meanwhile back in present time, Clarke again convinces Lexa to spare Arkadia from revenge after Octavia is captured and brought in as proof the sky people planned to kill more grounders. Lexa decides that the grounders will surround Arkadia, not letting anyone leave to conquer more grounder land, giving Arkadia time to solve their own problems. For Clarke, this clearly was a major turn on, because as she goes to tell Lexa goodbye, and head back to Arkadia to be with her people, and the pair finally get it on, to the joy of Clexa shippers everywhere. However, they didn't get to live in shipper bliss for very long.

Titus, in an attempt to off his captive, Murphy, inadvertently shoots a bullet straight into Lexa while aiming for Murphy and Clarke. Before the audience can even realize what has just happened, Heda collapses into Clarke's arms, and hundreds of thousands of The 100 fans cried out in the scream heard around the Internet. Lexa, the most loved and most hated character in The 100's short three season history, was dead.

And not fake dead, really, really, cold as a rock, dead. Whether a Lexa fan or not, it was the shot The 100 fans alike never expected they would hear. The Internet collectively lost their minds, tweeting their very impassioned reactions to the show and its showrunners, some even including a death threat or two.

Though many fans were even elated...

While some were just heartbroken, and rightfully so...

Clearly, the show was prepared for the intense backlash to be had, as the show's creator, writers, and even the actress herself, tried desperately to calm the storm.

It's obvious Lexa hit a note with fans of The 100, and whether it was a good or bad one, there is no arguing her death was very significant and unexpected. Will it affect the ratings like many fans claim? The show still has a stunning main cast to carry it on, and so much more story to tell, so I doubt it. If anything, this proves how brave the show is, and puts it on a level above classic CW dramas, and closer to major network hits like The Walking Dead, where they aren't afraid of fan backlash, and do what serves the story best no matter what. Hey, it's working for them, and could work for The 100, too.

In terms of the character, yes, killing her off was the right move. Was it ill-timed in relation to her intimacy with Clarke? Yes. To me, that just means the show was desperately squeezing out every last bit of Lexa they could for the audience until the final moment she could not longer be there. It was down to the wire, she had Fear The Walking Dead to get back to. However, Lexa as a character was not built to be an integral part of the show, and in terms of this past season, frankly, her presence seemed unnecessary, obsolete, and distracting from the more important things happening in the season. It really felt like she had served her purpose in Season 2, and it was a tad forced to bring her back in for Season 3. I suspect she returned in the first place due to fan demand, which, fine, her fans deserved a little more, but not at the price of what is best for the story and what makes it thrive.

Clarke, the lead, has spent all of Season 3 being reduced to the sidelines, where she stood, doing nothing, but standing, ordering Lexa around like a sick puppy dog. So to me, while sudden, Lexa's death felt earned and warranted. Bravo to the actress for bringing such a loved/hated character full circle, and exiting gracefully. It was time for the Lexa plot to move on, and for the show and Clarke to get back to work, because there are bigger fish to fry than Clarke's love life, like umm, oh, I don't know, A.L.I.E. and Pike! That's what makes The 100 great.

However, creator Jason Rothenberg did explain that Lexa's death was not his preferred choice of action, but more due to the actress's, Alycia Debnam-Carey's, commitment to her role in Fear The Walking Dead, which was renewed for a second season. This left Jason with only seven episodes in Season 3 of The 100 for Alycia to film, forcing the inevitable. I still think though, despite the actress's obligations to FTWD, Lexa's days were numbered, and her exit was always a part of the plan, a good plan, that keeps it on the list of shows YOU NEED to be watching, and at the top of its game . RIP Lexa, but moving on now.

So, what's next for The 100 post-Lexa? After Lexa's death, an infinity symbol, the same one featured on the thirteenth clans' ship, Polaris, is discovered to be tattooed on her neck above a mysterious scar. Though Titus, her right hand man, knew exactly what it meant as he pulled out a scalpel and reopened the wound. Clarke and Murphy watched in amazement as Tutus pulled the A.I. Becca brought down to Earth so many years ago, from the back of Lexa's neck. It's how she was chosen as Heda, and will now do as it has done for the past 100 years, and choose her successor. I know, WHAT THE FUDGE?!

The promo for the next episode 'Terms and Conditions' sees us heading back to Arkadia, where Bellamy and team Sky People finally loose their patience with Pike, but no sign of Clarke. Will she return to her people? Or stay to ensure Lexa's successor and the safety of the grounders, while looking more into the A.I. pulled from Lexa's neck.

'The 100': 'Terms and Conditions' Airs Thursday March 11th at 9/8c on the CW!


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